Month: December 2013

8 is the number ! And my first letter to Y!

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1463936_10202406801682238_69487500_nand my little boy turned 8 exactly a month ago… I am not sure whether it is a milestone for him… But it is a big number for ME… reminiscing the days when the just born couldn’t sleep for even an hour, the phases he had which included non – eating, one meal a day only, tantrums and what not!

But Yuvan, you will be always so special for me.. You are my biggest strength at many times, you are my best friend and yes you are my SON! I have to tell you, that you have been really an amazing child to parent though we have had our ups and downs very emotionally, right from the very first time you had your high fever when you were about 5 months. I still remember I had a sleepless night because you couldn’t sleep or drink milk but otherwise I admired the way you coped with it though you were so uncomfortable!

There were times when you just didn’t want to sleep and I badly wanted a nap.. I learnt to adjust and understood your intentions of not sleeping… even at 8, I know you don’t want to sleep during the day basically because you are worried that you will miss the hours of fun and productivity – productivity also includes messing up the house* – Boys Style! It continues till date but the only change is I would sleep and you will be happy to engage yourself for an hour:-) and that’s the confidence you have given amma that you will manage and you will check with me on anything that you think needs an opinion, permission or unsafe!

Fotor1228124328You logical reasoning and how you look at things in a very unique perspective has amazed me many a times… You have been very vocal in voicing your concerns even to me when I have done things differently or wrongly. And yes, through your questions I have corrected my approach and I have evolved into being a better MOM! You deserve the credit too… I know we have had very very serious melt downs until you were three and I still remember every inch of the day you asked me ‘amma, why do you have to do that to me?’ And that question changed me forever, though  appa always had thought you are a very understanding child and talking to you is the best way! From then on, we have had numerous talks – including fixing things up – when you have made mistakes, sharing emotions, ranting, secrets, achievements, mid night madness’, silly jokes, laughs and giggles and off-course some very animated talks when you had done something that I completely don’t agree with! You are a sensitive boy, but you also realise and that’s the quality that makes you!

You have been good with your friends and you have a wide range of friends whom you seem to understand in your very own way! The only advise I always have told you regarding friends is ‘Be yourself! Don’t get influenced by your friends.. see what is right and what is wrong and prioritize your essentials’ So far, you have listened to me and now I want you to be the same forever, a rationalising, concerned and self-motivated Yuvan! Your Self-motivation, commitment and competitiveness at times have scared me but that’s the quality I love in you too… Your teacher’s letter on the same thing was a pleasant surprise to me, but be self-motivated, competitive and fair! Always give your 100 percent and work and unleash your fullest potential in whatever you do! And, whenever someones credits me or appa for parenting, I strongly believe the credit also goes to you for the child you have been:-)

You have had different goals through out and by eight you have channelized your interest and potential, which I think is the way! You have tried your hand at art, learnt everything that you wanted to as a kid like roller blading, ice skating etc…Eventually you decided Cricket is where your passion is and music is for the rhythm sense and vocal skills you have along with the academics (Very Indian!) is the way you will look ahead! We will do the best as much as we can and you give your best! Always think and believe that you are very blessed to have these opportunities…

Another thing that surprise (shock) me are your questions about existence, creation, God etc.. One sample is “If GOD created everyone, why didn’t he create everyone as good and kind people?”  The way you have been interested in the great epics even from a very young age I think is very unique and the way you answer and analyse the epics has blown my mind away… And it continues till now and I can say none in my family had this kind of interest in any of it and the way you analyze and take the messages from it is way beyond my apprehension!

Yuvan, you have been a great child to parent, but we had (have) our serious ups and downs, we both have learnt from it and continue to strive as a family…Even when strangers have told me ‘He seems to be a happy child!’, I feel happy and at the same point I know you have learnt to handle situations well, prioritize and live life accordingly as not anybody’s life is a fairy tale to be just filled with only good days! Life will have its ups and downs and let’s strive to be the best through it!! Love you! And…….

I want to repeat the same thing ONE MORE TIME…

I love you Yuvan… I know you are a good boy… all I want to do make you realise the mistakes, learn from it and be the best you can be!

As you grow up, I want you to be gentle, caring, understanding, loving, a person who can rationalize his emotions, respect others feelings and what not! I want you to be real gentle man! I wish, I hope and will do my best to instill those values and bring you up on those lines and so some fixing episodes have to happen and I do it for your own good!

There are always opportunities to learn, correct and mend yourself! Do it and be the BEST!

Milestone – Roller Blading

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He achieved this at least a year and three quarter ago …. He has been happily roller blading away whenever he gets a chance…

He started off with proper roller blading lessons and he picked it up pretty quickly after two lessons and gradually it was all about braking, controlling, twisting and turning. Yuvan being Yuvan he wanted to complete the junior skaters  course.. but we stopped a few classes short after much convincing… Nevertheless he was happy that he has learnt to his heart’s content ! From then on no stopping Yuvan~ He loves blading at ECP and at the Punngol Water Way!

I still remember owning roller blades and learning it was his 6th Birthday Wish! It was granted and he got his first roller blades from Uncle M and then he mastered it… I know he just loves gliding away with his arms stretched 🙂





It gets tough

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at times for me, I have to accept! Most of the times I appreciate what Yuvan has been and what Yuvan is… But as every child is I also have my downs with him, he does have moods, he does makes mistakes…. We have a fixing episode every other year I guess,,, It was that today and I believe he got the right message and feel today after it started off ok, went bad and turned out worse before everything was settled… And me being not in the best of my moods for various reasons didn’t help it as well… But I wanted him to know and realise his mistakes, learn from it, be good :-0

A little message for Yuvan!

I love you Yuvan.. I know you are a good boy… all I want to do make you realise the mistakes, learn from it and be the best you can be!

As you grow up, I want you to be gentle, caring, understanding, loving, a person who can rationalize his emotions, respect others feelings and what not! I want you to be real gentle man! I wish, I hope and will do my best to instill those values and bring you up on those lines and so some fixing episodes has to happen and I do it for your own good!

Since you have been good I want you to be so throughout your life! Love you and hugs Yuvan! Amma loves you and we ill be always the best of friends!


Independent he is.. Impressed I am….

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Yuvan is whom I am impressed with today… I have been having issues at home front with no helper. As E has been Working from home, I called Yuvan just now…

Me:- When did you wake up? Have you had breakfast?

Yuvan:- No ma…Just woke up.. brushed my teeth, now reheating my milk in the microwave…

Me:- You sure? How many seconds?

Yuvan:- 20 seconds ma!!!

(He has been learning how to re-heat rice/milk/pizza at various timings over the last one month or so… Everything happens for a reason?)

Wow… I am impressed with the way he has been handling different situations over the last one year… and touch wood with the amount of help he has been doing around the home.  I would say he being able to manage himself has been my biggest strength at this point. Love you Yuvan soo much for what you have been and what you are and what you teach me indirectly… You are my best friend, my teacher, my student and what not!

Yesterday, he was telling me that he should now learn to make Maggie, omelette and simple full boiled egg… At this point my only worry is his handling the stove … but I may still teach him to cook when I am around and then in future he can learn the stove thing… what say?