Month: November 2011

6 years – The Journey of a young Graduate!!!

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It seems as if it was yesterday that I gave birth to the little boy who just weighed 2.83 kg… The little boy named Yuvan now has graduated from his kindergarten and will be stepping into Primary school next year… I just can’t imagine how time flies…

Yuvan’s graduation ceremony was awesome, held on the 23rd October 2011 @ the Singapore Conference Hall. He was an active participant in the K2 cohort, enacted a main role with his best friend Eleanor as Mr Stanley, a friendly neighbourhood merry inspector. I have a lot of memories to cherish as well a lot of photos in terms of concert photos and graduation family photo-shoot. But whatever the school provided is a hard copy and so I bought a nice photo album and preserved all the photos.

Here is one soft copy taken during the Graduation Family photo shoot in my personal camera!!!!

His preschool journey has been a memorable one, lucky enough to be in good hands, with great teacher’s he has learnt life skills and academics right from day one!

He started his playgroup with a lovely teacher named Joyce at Sunflower playgroup( 2008 – 2009) and it was under her Yuvan uttered his first ever completely formed sentence at the age of 2.1 years, Yuvan being a late bloomer!!!

He then moved on to  be under Ms Reana and Ms Yogi at Shekinah Montessori (2009 – 2010 June ) for 1.5 years, where he became a more confident person, fluent reader and more!!!!!!

Then came Day spring Kindergarten (2010 June to 2011 November) where he loved the school with a bigger group and became a more confident person who excelled with all the knowledge and life skills he took with him from his playgroup and Montessori days….

He was under the guidance and care of Mrs Amit and Ms Ter and Mrs Loo during his K1 and K2 @ Dayspring Kindergarten!

He enjoyed every bit of his 4 years of pre-schooling and a great big hug to all his friends for being Yuvan’s friends and a Big Thank You to all the teachers who has made the huge difference in Yuvan,  developing and moulding Yuvan as a person!!!!!

Yuvan is a K2 graduate now and is moving on into his Primary Schooling with Anchor Green Primary School.After the orientation yesterday, I am happy that Yuvan will be in good hands and I am hoping for the blessings to continue!!!!

Yuvan, Both Amma and Appa  love you Yuvan and we cherish what you are  !!!