Month: November 2012

Our little Christmas Corner

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is up at home… We started this last year with a little tree and a simple decor. This year we have added on little props to make it a bit more exciting… The whole tradition started with Yuvan’s curiosity to know about Christmas last year and is there a kid who doesn’t love decorating a little corner?

Though we don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s one of the holidays I love and Yuvan’s curiosity to know about it as a festival has caught up with me too…



Do you have kids who will be going to P1 sooner?

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If yes, you can read what we did before P1 for Yuvan and my journey through P1 with him through my guest post at Dominique’s Desk – a blog that I love to read, written by lovely mom of three kids and an elementary school teacher. She is hosting a series on preparing for P1 and who else can give a better picture than her. Drop by her desk and read in all the posts and get inspired! You can read my guest post at

Have fun reading her blog and get inspired!!!

Little snippets from our Little Man!!!

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Yuvan will turn 7 in another 10 days…Time flies… But I am gonna reserve my post on my feelings and all about Yuvan for another day… But this soon to be seven year old doesn’t fail to amaze/surprise me often… I am gonna record a few of that had happened recently…..


While we were waiting for the cab…

Yuvan: Amma, Guess what? Long time ago I thought when the cab shows a display “On call”, I used to think the driver is on call in his hand phone and so he cannot pick us up…” ( me – Eyes rolled and ROFL)


Eashwar was playing darts at home and usually Yuvan calls the number and Dad tries to hit them… They were eyeing for bull in 5 darts.. Eash couldn’t (for a change) but continued with 6th and asked him “Yuvan, Why do you think even after failing in the 5th dart, appa is continuing?”

Yuvan: Perseverance

Reaction from mom and dad *Spell Bound*


During one of the regular mom and son talks at home

Me: Yuvan, Do you think you miss amma after I started working?

Yuvan: Yes, Off course… I love you…

Me: What is the one thing you miss most?

Yuvan: Picking me up from school…

Me: But Mummy drops you in the morning everyday, right?

Yuvan: Yes, I like that but it will be nice if you could pick me up too…

(Me:- hmmmm….explanations… hugs…)