Month: April 2008

Potato Masala

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Been a while since i posted a recipe..Today i made this Potato Masala which is specifically a dish made by many Coimbatoreans(for my other non- Indian readers,Coimbatore is a city in India ,which i proudly say as my Hometown) .I often do it at home..i decided to post it as its a very famous dish in my region..normally made as a side dish for Chappathi/Poori ( see pic)..I made chappathi today…so the pic is with Chappathi!


Potatoes- 2/3

Onion(big) – 1/2

Tomato – half

Green chiilies or red  chillies- 4-5

Garlic- one crushed

Ginger – 1/4 inch crushed

Curry leaves- few

Gram dhal – one spoon

Fennel seeds – a lil

Turmeric powder – a lil

Mustard seeds – to season

Salt  – to taste


1.Boil /pressure cook the potatoes,peel n mash it coarsely

2. Make a powder of fennel seeds n gram dhal n add it to the mashed potatoes

3.Take a pan…add oil season it with lil mustard seeds,then add thinly sliced onions,cut tomato n curry      leaves along with cut greenchillies and saute for a while until onion turns pinkish n Tomato half done.

4.Now add water n lil turmeric powder,salt n bring it to boil

5.Now add Potatoes mixed with fennel+gram dhal powder..check for salt.. n let it boil until it becomes a nice gravy

6.Serve hot with chappathi/Poori

Yuv jus loves this with Chappathi!!

“Watz u’r name?”

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Wonder watz it?This is the question Yuvan Finally answered !! ever since his vocabulary started growing by leaps n bounds…(he has even started sentences now…)I/We have been training him/teaching him to say his name…He used to say all his frens name either partially or fully..BUt i have been keeping my fingers crossed for”The name” “Yuvan”.

Today he simply called me “amma ” n sd ” U-van”..then i started asking him ‘watz u’r name?’ ..then he did say me”U-Van” ..i felt so happy and awesome as equivalent to the first time he called “appa n amma”(for Mamma,Pappa)…i asked him again n again  may b over 50 times from afternoon he still says “U-van”with a pride..

Now ,next step..i taught him”wats u’r mother’s name..” he says”u -hee ” for SUhee..

so sweet to listen to!!!

On the neg side on myself..m down with throat infection n cold..worried abt passing on to Yuvan ,went to the doc..he checked n told me”nothing to worry..itz a viral …have these medicines”

But m Dead tired n exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HFMD..alarmingly high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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M scared now again..

Today Yuv’s teacher updated me that the HFMD cases are on the Sengkang /Punngol…”dont Take Yuvan to crowded areas..all those things ”

m worried..Health Ministry says over 502 cases Detected on Apr 21st only!!!

the scare continues….
M Hoping that Yuvan doesn’t catch it from anywhere…Keeping him indoors now mostly at home!!Poor guy..he jus loves outdoor playing…But wat to choice..!!!


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M In a great Mood today..
fully convinced abt my India trip n looking forward to it eagerly!!!(though its gonna b short)..
ALL flight tickets are booked!!!My Tickets to my hometown from the place of wedding is also done!!!
already started chatting with my fren abt our two days together before the Big day!!!
So “too…ru…ru too…ru…ru too…ru…ru too…ru…ru “(like how yuvna sings..) mmm going to India to b with my best fren on her wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Happy happyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

A Trip Dedicated To My Best Friend!

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After two days of mind boggling dicussions between my heart n mind… My heart won n M going off to India for two weeks on May 8th for mybest fren’s wedding!!!

I jus came from India in Jan..and this is peak season tickets prices are high…so i was thinking shd i or shdn’t I ?shd i or shdn’t I ?shd i or shdn’t I ?shd i or shdn’t I ?shd i or shdn’t I ?

Finally My Heart WON!!!!

But ulitmately the feeling she is gonna have when i ‘m gonna b with her rt from the day she is gonna get ready for the Big Day is priceless and v both are going to cherish,esp since its not gonna b a normal wedding !!!

Its gonna make a Cherished feeling for her a well as me..cos after four years of a struggle they are getting married with the Groom’s parents acknowledging n not my fren’s parents but they are not against now..But there wont b a single person from her side at the wedding!
so My presence will make her more than happy..will it not?
So my dear hubby sd…”forget abt spending for a short trip..u’r trip is worth it…and she n u will b happy throughout both of your lifetimes and will b cherishing each other,u’r Fship,moments ” SO i shd say “Thank You My dear Eash..I Love u”

And The wedding is at Chennai( 8 hrs by train from my home city)
My MOm n Bro as well Eash’s very good fren (he is my very very close fren /brother) n his wife will b joining me as well..
So i hope it gonna b a memorable trip!!!so as Eash says “itz gonna bring happiness to all better go”

As well, will b flying to my hometown after the wedding for 10 days n then will b back in SG!!!
mmm…So My FIL,MIL n My SIL’s son who is on school vacation are expecting Yuvan soo much noW!!
Happiness again!!!

I owe this kind of a surprise to MY BEST Friend… we are frens for 9 years now…and she needs me at this hour near her!!!!and here m..after so much confusions n thinking…..M Going to India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To make her wedding spl with my Presence along with Yuvan!!

I cherish u My dear Friend!!

Back to School..

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Finally..i did send Yuvan back to Play school after a 10 day break!!!
There were 13/15 kids present!!!
i cd see bright stars in all kids eyes..seeing their frens..teacher..(she is such a lovely good teacher..)and wat not?

Yuvan was as usual all geared up..n then he gave a hug to his best fren Sam n his teacher at Schooll!!! wat a good sight??

he did enjoy a lot today!!!

But Precautions n Preventions still in place for HFMD(read older posts)…
More hand washing at school..

Took Yuvan direct to washroom to wash hands after school…then normal routine of bathing – 2 at home direct from school continues…..

Talking Positive…

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Talking positive to kids…

This is what I believed from the time when I started thinking of bringing up kids.

But v shd set the limits n off the bounds also..
But I shd also confess that I have scolded Yuvan too many a times. when he really goes over the board or does something purposely even after understanding it!!!But I should also agree.He has been a very very understanding Kid in more ways ..Talking really helps…with him..

SO now I have vowed myself that I shd make him understand more by talking a lot in to him…but off course the limits will b there n I will let him know abt it too..and there will b teaching him the hard way too at times when he really needs it!!!Confusing?
But..Thats what I m..!!!!he he he he
But I hope I’m trying to b a good parent!!!
Neither falling in..”always no”…”always yes” (As my blogger friend Angel had sd..neither in any of the categories.!!! YES …me too)

Coming to talking to positive kids. I believe n understand n practice ( now a lot of talking goin on with yuvan…)it many a times..( trying to make the “many a times” to most of the times”)
For eg…It makes a lot of difference when u say “Yuvan…Its hard. Try to open it safely….be careful”(on a door/fridge…whatever) than saying “Yuvan..Noooooo..Dont do it!!!its heavy..” Also,even if they get a pinch of pain but nothing serious itz ok..they do realize it n do it more careful next time…as I have agreed with Angel on

experience talks more than 1000 warnings..
When we know our kids are growing up as more understanding kids,v feel more relaxed,more confident,more on control ….talking helps more but setting limits n off bounds need to there as well..Whenever Yuv tries to bang his indoor scooter/cycle, a little harder by pulling it up n then on to the floor. First I told him..”no u cant do it..”he kept doing it. Then I tried other way. Since he likes babies a lot…I told him..”Yuvan u know rt that there’s a baby rt below our house??? if u bang like this baby can’t sleep n u are disturbing well in the process u will fall backwards n hurt yourself..”(demonstrating how he wd fall..)

Now he seldom does it..when he does it..before I react he will tell me “ then shows action for sleeping..” meaning baby is sleeping..n then rides properly…then I say..”pls Yuvan pl u are not supposed do it!!! it gonna hurt u as well others”

This is one eg..i hope it happens with all kids…But I do agree..there is a time when they really start understanding. it differs from every Kid!!!


But sure shot Try works wonders many a times…BUt m not saying that there shd be no Limits set nor any hard way lessons learned thingi..but try talking in to them a lot!!!they grow up more understanding..loving n they do things by simple n proper understanding rather than for the fear of getting scoldings from Mum/DadAs therez always a thing that shd be in every parent’s mindset “ Do not compare Kids. Every Kid is an Individual”