Month: December 2014

Backdated post: Yuvan’s 9th birthday!!

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Starting with Yuvan turning 9, he requested for a good close family friends gathering at home unlike last year when we had two part kids only art n craft birthday party..

This year we did a dinosaur themed birthday with the kids having fun with fiery dinosaurs drawn on their face and making Dino sock puppets…

We also had Dino themed cake, Yuvan and myself had fun making the Dino volcano out of plaster of Paris and the kids went ‘ooohhh’ when we let it smoke and erupt during the Party.. We had fun treasure hunt, crafty activities and what not … Yuvan also invited three of his school friends…. After all this I heard what I had to…
Yuvanz friends, ‘aww your house birthday party is getting more n more excited every year .. Love it man..’
Yuvan, ‘Amma.. I had fun.. Thank you’

And these was during the weekend that followed his birthday and on his actual birthday, since E was not in town, Yuvan had invited his close buddy for sleep over and on the day we went for a date with penguins of Madagascar, ate pizza and went for a traditional birthday temple visit!! It was a contented birthday celebration I would say!!!

Our little man has turned 9:-) and a peek at the celebrations can be found here