Month: March 2009

Relationships Change – I

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Yes.. True relationships change from Good to Bad…N  Bad to Good.. for many reasons… personal..selfish…understanding..trying to come to terms…

I have seen and am feeling a very Good change though not from worse but from somewhat bad…which m solemnly happy abt…

Thatz between me and my mom… For some reasons unknown and for some reasons known ,My relationship with my mom was a roller coaster until last October… though she is all the more caring …loving n what every mom is.. But for silly reasons there used to be misunderstandings and in the end hurt on both sides… after a few days or many a  times the next day…hurt goes and love blossoms again.. But i was getting ed up of this ..

Then I went to India last November n brought her with me for a month here to Singapore…

The stay here with me made that great a change..after I got married this is the first time she has been visiting us..spending quality time with us ..she has seen me how i manage things..whats my life after marriage and how m carrying things on n so much.. and we had plenty of time to talk abt things from stars to rain n things and matter’s from A- Z.. we have made trips to temples and some shopping  , eating out ..all jus me her n Yuv other than our outings with Eash..and all these things have greatly worked out without any intention..

I see a hell a lot of positive change in her after she flew back to India.. we are having no understanding.. and no more talks abt in-laws whatsoever.she is so much more understanding.caring and loving than ever before.. itz like m re-inventing the somewhat lost relationship with my mom..And Yuvan is also attached with my mom after the quality time they spent together…

So finally I have re-invented a relationship,which i cherish most…

Off late I’m learning abt other negative true faces around us.. but that can wait for a while..:( as I will be writing on it with some other stuffs as well…:)


as of now.. m celebrating the new found rejuvenated love of my MOM n my mom feeling as a family with we 3 – ME,EASH n YUVAN

Following or Habituating few good things from my kitchen :)

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Itz been a long time since I have been thinking and implementing it over a period of 4 months now, a few things, for the wellness of me n our lil family..

1. I wanted to reduce to the minimum ,the usage of oil in my day-day cooking.. 


a. Say no to deep fried items – So I have accomplished it to an extent…Like fish are always shallow fried at my home now with the usage of 1 tbsp oil for 3 – 4 pieces of fishes .. Yuvan n Eash are liking it better than the deep fried ones. – Chicken 65 is done only once in 15 days at hoem otherwise all chicken recipes are made with chicken being cooked in the gravy or semi gravy with less oil…Hurray!!!

Thanks for the shallow frying to my dear Bhony 🙂

b.use very Little oil for seasoning n sauteing – followed 🙂

c. Use of little oil for making roti’s or chappathi’s – being followed.

d.Avoid oil,if u have an option -LOL ..trying

2. Cooking the healthier way.. like making vegetable+dhal chappathi which Yuvan n Eash loves now-a-days

– Yuvan being sent with a lunch box mostly vegetarian maincourse n lil chicken or fish – As u guys know,Yuvan doesn’t like school food…n takes lunch from home 🙂 😦

3. Cook correct in measurement . Don’t waste food..which i don do often. but still trying to minimize it even more.. LOL

4. Trying to be healthier in a lot of ways 🙂

Wat say?


Short update on Yuvan

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Yuvan is much much better after his visit to the paed..again due to his environmental eczema… so throat ,respiratory tract, ears clear… no he is on a difft cough medicine and on his slight diarrhea he’s on medication,which has stopped  today…

And Yuvan is at school..he was so much excited n smiling when i told him he could go to school today:)

Hope he recovers completely soon 🙂

Thanks for all your support guys:)

My lil Tadpole is sick :(

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Yuvan is sick after a long time.(touch wood..(for the long time) )

He started with a simple cough,for which i gave him his usual medicine..but the next Friday it was accompanied by temp by noon…As his pead says.”.give him 3 -4 doses of fever medicine..still the same come to me..”I did..but he is on n off the fever…but to be on the safer side..coz of his bad cough we took him to the family clinic as his paed will not be available on Saturday night n today..the doc at the clinic sd ” no throat phlegm..i ‘ll give him some medicines..cont paracetamol for fever.. he shd be okie..”

But believe me..the paracetamol had no effect..By Mid night Yuvan was up with a temp of 38.2 n i can feel him soooooooooo hot…. i decided to give the children’s brufen which the doc had given me 4 months back for his fever when he had leg cramps…it worked better… the whole night he was not sleeping ..up until 4.30..and after another dose he slept…

He is up now.having milk… but still has fever… but one goodthing abt Yuvan is..he is always on his toes as always even when he has fever..thatz one thing that m happy with him..never frowns.never dull..

mmm…His paediatrician will be in as u guys know..tomo school starts after the term break.. looks like he might miss school it continues like this..i need to take him to his paedeatrician  tomo… lemme see…

Hope Yuvan is alright by today!

Happy Birthday Sam!

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Yuvan’s Best friend Sam Turns 3 today…

He is one lil adorable kid

Hap hap happy  Birthday Sammy!!!

Incoherent ramblings…

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yeah m pretty much in a  confused state..but I can’t blog about it for many reasons.. I will update u guys once its thru… But will let u guys know…

Lots of thoughts process,,, lots of permutations n combinations… lots of stress n hope n what not… let c how…


Okie coming to Yuvan ..he has surprised me with three things

1. For reasons unknown ,he was not introduced to puzzles until he was into Montessori,for which i had always regretted/..but then he picked it up in his i thought itz better late than never n bought him a picture puzzle… and matching puzzles of mother and baby  (24 sets ).. very surprising he did the picture puzzle perfect after two tries … n the mother -baby 21/24 sets correct in the  first try..



So I bought him addition n subtraction n he i getting to terms with addition…


2. Today he was bugging me to teach addition and subtraction.. so i  tried to do it in a sheet of paper, two boxes plus 3 boxes..he shocked me by writing 5 as answer on his own…so far he was only tracing… wow what a milestone jus like that.. then i tried to give him sums which wd give him ans ranging from 1- 9..he can do the answers in writing except for the numbers 5 n 8 without difficulty.. always Yuvan’s milestone happens like that..all of a sudden.. rt from his crawling,walking, colours – one day he woke up n started saying all colours rt… n then never wrong.. shapes..learnt in a few minutes…n so on.. now writing on his own… mmmm


3. His best fren Sam who is in India now is turning 3 on 20th of this month.. His Dad is flying to India.. so I asked Yuvan.. do u wanna do a card for him ? he willingly and smilingly sd  “Yes”  n did it with lil help from me.. I drew the cake..he chose his own colours n did the colouring on his own… i did the dotted line for writing..he traced it.. chose his own stickers to put all over the card n he even sd ” amma.. lemme put the big car sticker.. Sam likes car.. ”

Page 1 of the card


Page 2 and 3 of the card


Woow..Yuvan is growing up..m happy the way he is…

Yuvan’s first School Outing :)

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Today was Yuvan’s First School outing..

The school had organised to take them for the new show called “The Bear and Chicken Go Camping ” @ The Singapore Repertory Theatre..


One night, best friends Chicken and Bear go on a camping adventure in the Great Outdoors. Armed with flashlights, marshmallows and peanut butter sandwiches, they find the perfect spot under a beautiful starry sky.

Throughout the night, they make lots of amazing discoveries about the world around us, like what makes a shooting star leap across the sky. And have you ever wondered where the sun goes at night? Or how crickets can make such loud noises? Join Chicken and Bear as they learn the answers to these questions and more!

Bear and Chicken Go Camping is the second part of a highly successful original series that began with When I Grow Up. You’ll fall in love all over again with Bear and his special blue blanket, and Chicken who is one super brainy bird!

As Said in my previous post..Yuvan was to go alone with his great Teacher Ms.Reana,along with other kids..

The reporting time was 8.40..we were there after a little struggle of getting him to eat Breakfast – heavy at home..LOL.. But ended up with his usual mug of milk.. and somehow made him to eat a slice of bread with jam on the way from home to school.. 

Then we reached the reporting area..Ms.Reana n as was his frens were waiting for him.. got his name tag pinned,attendance given, He was paired with his good friend Eleanor.. Ms.Reana had to take care of 4 kids in all inclusive of Yuvan who were not accompanied by the parents . 

Then the bus came.. in total 4 ,2 – 25 seater n 2 -70 seater …Yuvan n Eleanor were discipline personified..Holding hands n with Ms.Reana.. They waved Good-bye and boarded the bus.. after they were seated n Ms.Reana checking with their seat N Eleanor’s Mummy jumped into the bus to wave them good bye n some final Instructions.. LOL ‘ No running..” 

Off they went … 

First time, I was not so nervous sending Yuvan alone.meaning without me or Eash with him… LOL.. i think both me n Yuvan  are Growing up. LOL…

So , he came back at 11.45.. jus in time.. I was waiting to pick him up.. 

And Yuvan was so happy n Ms. Reana handed him over to me n when I  asked her “was he ok ?” then she sd ” No pbm at all..he enjoyed the show and he was a very good Boy.. ” she was all smiles as well.. M happy for Yuvan…

He is trying to tell me the story…which he had seen.more outing stories to hear from him ..

That wd be later 🙂