Month: February 2009

How sad….

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How sad that I missed my First Blog Anniversary.. n my hundredTh post…

Was i sos stressed //occupied ? or what on earth ……..

Already this is my 110th post… meaning i passed 100 posts.. Coincidentally.when i cross verified..

My 100 th post has been On Yuvan .. Yuvan Growing up !!

And My first Blog anniversary was on Feb 17th 🙂

But m so occupied to re-live my memories of 1 year of blogging.

So with more positive energy on it.. tomo 🙂

Thank God that atleast I realised now..Better late than Never!!!


Post updation on 26th Feb’09

Hmmmm..Itz been one year since i started blogging.. Initially to be frank ,i started blogging,cos i wanted to do something on my own..channelize my energy…something which i had loved doing from my childhood.. ie writing.. n this has been truly an amazing journey that is set to continue until I breath my last!!!

After being here I found out..that this is separate world in itself…I have found few frens who have migrated from “ppl jus who comment ” to “Warm Persons who have embraced me in to the world of  honest caring n selfless friendship,which keeps blooming n blossoming more every single day!!!! “And that being an  essential part of  my everyday energy!!!

Every comment of u guys have become more impt n essential for me n i keep lookign forward to it..

I shd also acknowledge..this space has seen my roller-coaster of emotions..thru this first year.. N i hope to write more on everyhting n anything:)

P.S: Re-living one year of bloggin memories may continue..But not so sure..LOL


AR Rahman performing at the Oscarz :)

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This is one performance i liked a lot…I went wahhhhhhhhh! Amazing… Scintillating..soul stirring…n wat not?

Esp when he comes out with his second song from the back..singing..” Jai hoo..” n the Finish “Jai ho!!!!!!!”

AR Rahman Wins 2 OSCARS

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M soooooooooooooooo happy…….. ARR u rock!!!!


Post updation 🙂

M so overwhelmed as if I was at the podium to recieve the Oscars…

What a feeling to see our very own ARR to win 2 oscars.. Best Original score n Original song.. (the one i linked in my last post)


And the movie “SlumDog Millionaire ” bagged 8 Oscars in all…

the word “very own” means so much.. as i told..v have listened,realised n felt the soul in his music over the years…N he is from the same state as I hail. n he still lives n works in Chennai n Mumbai.. has a music school which trains people who are in need ..n so on…so here v are not celebrating an Indian who migrated  to some other country genre’s back..But our very Own ARR 🙂  ..

Two OSCARS.first ever by a Indian…Watch it here 

N I was so moved to hear him say his trademark ” Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukkae..” (GOD is Great ) at the Oscar stage.. Mind u that’s my mother tongue as well.. What a feeling!!!!!!!! I was in tears when he performed ” Jai Ho..” Came back to receive his 2 nd Oscar…A moment to cherish n celebrate for every Indian..every ARR fan:)))))))))))00000000 can’t stop smiling………

Jai hoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will expectation turn into reality ??? – Jai Ho!!!!!!!!!!!

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All the buzz is abt the Great AR Rahman..the great Music director,Singer ..n our own Indian.. n m so proud to say he hails from the state where I belong,though he is truly an Indian n everybody celebrate ARR n his music ..He is world renowned for his work n humbleness.. U can’t see such a humble pie with so much knowledge n music oozing out of him..A rare combo…he has made India n every Indian proud by winning the Golden Globe for “Best original score ” for the most critically acclaimed , ” Slum Dog Millionaire”…


And now he has three nominations for himself at the Oscars. ..n the movie in total has bagged 10 nominations..Though previously Indians, 1. Bhanu had won an Oscar for her costume design for Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi, and The Great Satyajit Ray been awarded life time achievement.. This nomination for ARR has hit hard everyone so positively…Jai Ho!!!!!!!!!

take me for an Example.. I feel he belongs to our genre.. I have grown up listening to his music.. rt from his first movie “Roja”  for which he won the National award.. After Which Rahman has gone places n his journey with the music n he has given us a plenty to enjoy , realise n relate with his music..

Itz like ,he has 17 years in the industry n m 27 now.. so u can relate how easily he is with the lives of us..

I jus can’t wait to see him win BIG at the Oscars..something  the whole of India is gonna rejoice n celebrate n offcourse me…

He is worth to make an expectation into a Reality!!!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed:)

If u really wanna feel a glimpse of what ARR is for us.. listen to this song for which he had won the Golden Globe:)

the following link doesn’t have original video.. but listen to the track….Thatz what i want u guys to do..  So… feel it:)

The oscar is live in 07.29 minutes… Oh my GOD 🙂 I want to hear it for ARRahman  at the Oscars..Wish Him.. Won’t u?

Bitz n Pieces …

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Haven’t been bloggin the whole of last week..cos had guests at home who were supposed to come sometime in feb during their transit to AUS n  shocked

informed us on Saturday evening that they wd be landing in SG n rt at my place for a week on sunday morning….I went …#^^******

They are a family with a daughter who’s 3 months younger to Yuvan n the mother in the family way for the second time.. The girl so stubborn for all reasons.. n imagine me cooking ,cleaning n keeping up Yuvan’s schedule of school n studies.. had a terror week I shd confess…


Been camping?

Thatz what we did at ECP this Saturday with frens for the first time since we are in Singapore.. It was actually Yuvan’s idea.. from last week he had been saying.. (last week was yet another visit to ECP )  ” appa..amma..lets go n stay in the tent ..”

One of our closest frens does camping quite often,…so we decided to do it this week..alogn with them n another fren of us.. so two couple n us…

It was fun.. very surprisingly it was so mosquitoes thank GOd.. had fun eating home made food.. packed the dinner.. munching cards ..chit chat… But i couldn’t sleep properly though..Yuvan enjoyed every bit of it.. n I had packed Yuvan’s bedding that he used when he was up around till 1.5 he had a good comfy sleep..woke up ard 7.30..enjoyed the morning at the beach.. pack up n reached home by 9.30am..

It was pure fun..a good experience.. But I wouldn’t want sleep overnight again…cos of  the back ache n a lil neck sprain i brought back home 🙂 LOL


Yuvan school is organising a musical outing..for the “Bear n Chicken go Camping ” …

For the starter class, parents MUST accompany….But for Yuvan’z class ,Parent accompanying is optional.. But when i checked with the teacher ,she told me..if the parent comes then the child wd be with the that they get to see to other children… but she also told from the class there are  only a  few coming n two with parents.. n since they are 6 teachers n one Aunty  and itz a closed theatre show for one shd be fyne… Also.I want Yuvan To enjoy his school trip with his frens rather than tag along with me.. after so much confusion n thinking..i had jus paid for Yuvan to go for the Outing.. Lil tensed that this will be his first school trip.. as well..m still  like ”  Shd i have ? or is it ok ?”


last week ,Eash’s Granny passed away all of a sudden.. Eash wanted to Go..but he was  involved in a major impt project @ off.. so he cdn’t take off at office n he had to  give it a miss.. and the flights were not direct to my place the next even if he wd have got the wd not been jus nice..

He was so upset the whole night as it happenned ard 9 pm SG time n we were up till 3 am…

Anyways it was so sudden..  we had even spoken to her the prev night…she was quite healthy ..we spent some quality time the last time we were in India.. May her soul rest in peace…!

First Photo

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This pic was taken by Yuvan two days ago. in my mobile..

He wanted to take pic of both of us in the mobile.. we were not sure abt his attempt.. v let him give a shot at it though..

The below pic is the result,after a few times of trying…

He sd ‘ Appa,Amma..see here smile ‘


image052Btw..Happy Valentine’s Day for all of u guys:)Hope u had a blast:)


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Itz better to keep mum than explode


Itz better to rather cry within u’rself than shed tearz


Itz better to talk now rather later


Itz better to keep the feelingz n emotions unsaid/unexpressed


Itz better to channelize u’r energy than let go it waste/unused


Itz better to give attention than expect it


Itz better to love, than be loved:)


Itz better to Hug than be hugged


Itz better to be more of what you are actually…