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A Parenting reassurance

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is what has made me to write this post after many looonngg busssy months!

Yuvan is in Grade 5 now and however I think I have to remain calm and cool (or atleast pretend to be) I have been up and down in that area with anxiousness, calm, cool, hyper and what not! And knowing where you stand especially moving from P4 to P5 in the first term makes a lot of difference. As we completed our exams amidst a bout of high fever, cricket league and me burning mid-night oil, Eash travelling etc.., this happenned!

Well documented first hand account, as Eash was home!


And he also called me to explain and inform! He was so happy when he expalined that and there was no regret of not being one of the only two who scored full marks in the test! That was a phenomenal feeling for me (though the mum in me was like ‘we went through your silly hyphen mistake n number of times *rolled eyes*) as a parent! It was a moment I felt ‘ok !…. somewhere me and Eash has succeeded in instilling the right values including being honest and yet happy!’ (Mum in me: I am awaiting the other subjects marks 🙄🙄🙄)

One teacher appreciated him for his honesty and (it happenned in two subjects actually) and the other got the class to applaud for him!

He just completely catches me off gaurd at times and doesn’t fail to amaze me time after time! I think it is also a reminder to me that values, character and the way of approaching life is more important than anything else!

I am thankful to God for this experience and blessing today!

Note to Yuvan: Yuvan, amma is really proud of you! You are a person who at importnat junctures in my life has always reminded me of something that I should always looks upon positively and  showed me the other pretty side of life too!

Keep going! Amma and Appa love you to bits!! Big Hugs!


Same scene but opposite when I was say 19 in Uni. 1 mark less than full marks and my closest competitor got full marks and I was marked wrong just because I had an extra comma; Me to Prof: ‘I wrote everything correct expect the additonal comma so shouldn’t I be given atleast 0.5 marks?’ *hitting forehead*

Comment to Eash by his friend – For Tamil audience only!


Backdated: Teacher’s Day

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has definetely been more meaningful after I graduated I would say, with me realising how much my teacher’s have played a role in moulding me as a person!

Similarily so far Yuvan has been so blessed to have got the right teachers all through… Right from Ms Reana to Ms Ling – his P1 form teacher who has definetely made a huge difference!!

This year it was special, Yuvan spoke about her in the selection rounds for inter-school public speaking competition! And I thought it was an apt to gift her the speech (hand-written by Yuvan and framed) for the Teacher’Day!

She was defintely moved and Yuvan was proud!! Way to go Ms Ling and continue  to make the positive difference you are making in the kids all through!  


SG 50 – Singapore’s 50 years of Independence…

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A country that I have been proudly calling home for the last 10 years and hoping for many more, celebrated its 50 years of Independence this year!  Since I am professionally in the education line, I have been involved in quite a few initiatives to celebrate SG50, I have had the opportunity to learn and appreciate the country’s heritage and history even more.. It was a great feeling to experience the patriotic ambience with flags all around, unique wall paintings, many commemorations etc..

When Yuvan came up and asked me whether I could paint his face in the National colours for his school celebrations, though it was going to be my first time trying my hand at face painting, I readily agreed. After a little bit of searching I found a good face painting kit with just what I wanted.

It dawned and we both were up very early so that we have an hour set aside just for face painting before he could report to his school earlier than normal for his prefect duty. The end result was good, he was super happy – that he was able to get his face painted. He felt even happier when his friends complimented him as well the school Principal stopped to enquire him about his face painting. I was very happy to see him happy! Little things matter the most!

SG50 Collage1

And I had the privilege to be there at school as part of the PV group and I enjoyed seeing him proud to be flaunting Singapore’s flag on his face! It was a meaningful celebration too..

Colalge 2sg50

Earlier, every student studying in a Singapore was given a customised Lego set to create awareness about Singapore’s iconic buildings and present them with a opportunity to learn about them in a fun way! I personally thought it was a brilliant idea! 



 Yuvan had not been a big Lego fan though he has some car sets. After this Lego set he got hooked on to Lego and we bought a few more to add on…

And I managed to buy two books about probably the only political figure whom I have huge respects for! and I am reading it currently… It’s a huge eye opener and a very very good read…


Yuvan also managed to contribute to his school SG 50 100 wishes quilt that the school put together and unveiled as part of their celebrations! I was pretty surprised to see he drew satay which is  good we got introduced after moved to Singapore and we just love it..   

But my question was why after all that he loves, food? Then I came to know every class had a theme:-) 

Notes of appreciation

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means a lot for anybody and if it comes from your peers it’s even more heart-warming…

In Yuvan’s school for the ‘Orange Ribbon’ project each of the student has a chance to write five appreciation notes to their peers…

Yuvan recieved the below yesterday…  

 How sweet…

The Mummy in me kicked and so I asked, ‘Have you written your notes? Why is it that you are not making an effort to write these notes? Are u not going to give..? You must give ‘cos your peers also will feel happy like how you felt when you received these..’

Yuvan goes, ‘Ma… I have only 5 cards; I have so many people in mind… So I am going to do it over the weekend and choose the 5 I really want to give..’

Me:- ‘Oh….ok… Please don’t forget!’ (With a cheeky and a relief look on my face…)

After all, he does appreciate everyone around him and thats a relief… 🙂 and I am glad he is doing the little things that are meaningful and are appreciated by his peers!

Update:- I did get him to write the thank you cards and I am sure still there are some left in undelivered. Atleast one step closer…

IMG_3257 IMG_3260

That ‘telepathy’ mom feeling!

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It feels so amazing when you get a call from your child ( from the school) when you have made arrangements to pass something important that he has forgotten at home with the School GO and yet wonder whether they will call him when you are there, whether they will forget to pass it after you leave the GO etc..

It did happen to me a while ago, when Yuvan for the first time forgot something really important – his science project that we had worked on during the holidays, the science project he brought it along to school on the first day; and left in the locker until the ‘Race day’; the project he had to bring it back to glue it back to make it a bit more stronger; the project that he and me put our heart in to; the little project we bonded over !!

We glued it back last night and I really don’t know how we both forgot about it this morning. I realised it around 7.55 am – called the school GO – made my way to the lift lobby with all sorts of thoughts … My phone screen blinked …


Wow !! what a feeling… When I was just hoping to talk to him somehow, and pass it to him…he called me!! That’s what I call a Mum telepathy!!

I picked up and said, ‘Yuvan, I am on my way to your school.. Can u wait at the GO?’ We both knew the topic was the project! I continued, ‘I am bringing your project ma!’

As I went in, he was waiting at the GO and he was all smiles at said genuinely, ‘thank you ma!’ I know what it means !! Boys are so uncomplicated! And he hugged me which he has been shunning away to do so in public places esp at school .. Awww! That made my day!

You must be wondering what this science project is all about!! He had to make a working toy boat as a holiday project on Materials and they were to have a real race at school and that’s why I mentioned, ‘Today is the race day!’

I will write all about the Project in my next post 🙂

Good luck Yuvan!

Parts of a plant — Science Project

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Between me struggling to find the right time to start the ‘animal kingdom’ home study project, Yuvan told me on one of the tired days for both him and me that he had to do a ‘quick’ science project after claiming half an hour earlier that he doesn’t have any home work!

The catch was to do the project using different materials — mind you it was 8.30 pm .. After some serious scratches on my head, we decided to use the following that I can rumble through at home..

Stem — a straw
Branch outs of the stem — match stick
Leaves — Watson’s plastic cover
Roots — brown felt ( for once I felt our art and supplies box came in handy!)
Flower – bottle cap and pink felt


He loved doing the discussion about how to go to about with the project as well as the nitty gritty cutting and pasting, as he already had a good idea about their functions and had completed that in the noon! Definitely we both felt accomplished after wrapping up this ‘quick’ project at the very end of a tiring day >

Board Meeting at 8

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That’s how the form he received stated!


The way they coin the words are quite interesting! But he did have his BOARD meeting where he was pep talked into.. shown videos and reflections and finally given his duty rooster with a reminder that they are all on probation. He had loved it; he was tired after a long day and refused to go to bed early .. Hmmm..

I hope he can balance everything as I have heard from other parents that the Prefectorial duties are quite a lot.. But I personally think it’s going to a world of good to his confidence; inculcate qualities like responsibility and taking ownership etc and help him to be moulded to a well rounded person!!