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I have been keeping this post pending for almost 2 weeks or 3 weeks is it??

Yes..Yuvan’s Tricycle broke off ..n then we decided letz buy him a bicycle…I wasn’t sure whether he wd able to ride it… We took him to kiddy’s palace n he tried the 12 inch bicycle n he rode it with so much comfort..then i wanted him to try 14 inch..he was comfortable enuf too.but i thought definitely he wd outgrow the 12inch in a few he was comfy in 14 inch..we bought that/.. From then on..He is full time on his bicycle..but he hasn’t yet taken it out except when he came with Eash with his cycle from kiddy palace to Home.. now since he doesn’t brake that great..rather controls by slowing down ,will take his cycle out may b after a few weeks..:)




Ferrari…. m heart broken…:(

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Oopz..for any Ferrari Fan..Yesterday wd have been a day hard to digest.. A race that must have been won from Pole to Podium by Massa ended ina disaster..thanks to an electronic failure of the fuel tank refueling lamp..that wrongly lit the green light on the steering wheel of Massa before it was out n he took off in the car with the fuel tube still with the fuel tank..cost him dear… Now..I always believe human aid shd also be there to assist the machinery’s..after all they all are the results of the Human brains that worked wonders to bring this machines alive n kicking..If u can notice all other teams have a man standing with a lollipop indicating the driver to wait  n signs “yes..”after a the Pit stop is completed fully  n fuel tube out….But Ferrarii’s fully automated and sophisticated for which they are known for, instead of the man to say yes..the fuel tube which goes out last , triggers a green light on to the steering wheel of the Driver,indicating that all done he can go….but unfortunately in SIngapore it cost them something that was only Theirs..the VICTORY at the Singapore GP with something which no one dared to imagine to happen in a Pit Garage.

But the Ferrari Mechanics did well to take the fuel tube off before the Safety car went in..but Massa was given a drive thru penalty for “release of car from pits dangerously “..From there no climbing up whatsoever…:(

M totally heart broken.. now Massa is behind Lewis by 7 points n 3 races to Massa needs to win every race and Hamilton has to finish atleast one race below second position… lets see….Wish Massa n Ferrari good luck..

In all these drama.. Alonso was favoured by these turn around which with his excellent driving gave his First night race ever win!!!!

As a Ferrari fan can’t see the Mclaren camp jubilant.. Come on Ferrari..u Can do it.. U are the Masters..Do it..U can!!!!

Singapore GP – Qualifying Over.. Massaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it is!

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An amazing qualifying session… the commentator said ” itz one of the best qualifying sessions I have seen from the time I started commentating..” wat a qualifying.. Massa,KImi n Hamilton at their best.. Until Alonso had a fuel discharge problem he was all set to take pole…

But  Now its joy for me and Ferrari.. Massa Takes Pole.. Hamilton second and Kimi Third.. all by split of a seconds difference… My Men in the front row … The MEN IN RED..MASSA n KIMI

SO expect an all out race tomo!!!!

Will it rain.. it was expected today but the rain kept away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random thoughtzzz…:)

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M jus back from dinner @ Burger King… as Eash is out there at the Circuit..,I was thinking what to cook for dinner..

I asked Yuvan.. ” what do u like to have..?”

he immediately answered me ” lets go..burger “

Then i sd ‘”k fyne..” so no cooking..

V had mine n Yuvan’s fav .tendergrill meal.. Yuvan enjoyed it follwed by a  short walk home eating hot fudge at the McD’s .. very relaxing..absolutely i enjoyed every bit of it with Yuvan!!!!

Off to Formula  One.. Fernando Alonso tops third practice again ahead of Hamilton n Massa.. meaning also McLaren is ahead of Ferrari. worry for me m a die hard Ferrari fan.. Jubilant Eash as he is fan of Alonso.. Lemme see who takes the pole today… Literally at the Singapore GP today experts have predicted..”who takes pole wins the race ” as in any other street circuit …like Monaco….SO qualifying is gonna be nail biting.and I want Ferrari to take pole… already Kimi ha some technical difficulties in the Third practice, Fishecella crashed…so lotssssss happening.. Will Ferrari take the pole ?????????????????????????????????

Very latest news : courtesy Star Sports : “Lotz of Drivers complaining on the high curbs /curves… Track very bumpy…”

But still the experts say “Itz the first ever race on this new circuit…so can expect a few negative things like there’s always a room for improvement.. but a race organised to the well known Singapore efficiency”

So…qualifying already started at the flood lights.. Amazing it it!!!!!!!!!!!!

First ever Race under flood lights gets underway..with the official timings that’s gonna be clocked most matters…thatz the qualifying..”

Friday Practice @ Singapore GP

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Well.. I wasn’t there..watched on TV..The circuit looks awesome..breath taking and what not…. a true F1 fan’s delight!!!!

Eash Enjoyed it from the i had written yesterday (see yesterday’s post)…He got very very great pics..i loved a lot of his shots..every one good shot can be termed as “magazine shot”..he was so excited that he told me that itz his best ever formula one photo shoot…

But on the other side,otherwise from a good viewing point from a grandstand,the rest of the circuit’s open gallery are not viewer nor photographer ‘s choice…cos of the high raised thick grills…

“The soul of  racing was missed..thanks to the thick grills,,, agreed that itz a safety concern ,something wd have been done inclusive of the safety for the direct viewers to get the actual feel of racing…”

———this has been the many of our frens (who are also photographers by passion ) ardent F1 fans reaction..One is the space constraint as itz a street circuit unlike a dedicated circuit,which may not have left much arrangements to be made for more comfort viewing for the direct viewing paying public…

But still the race for the F1, Singapore a huge success and for the Fans are a great treat..

And on the very positive note,Its is a totally totally organised event..the directions for the public ,the transportation services,food options (though itz ultra expected in any circuit around the world),safety ,the volunteers trained perfect..the cops as usual friendly as well knows what the public can do n cannot do… This is what My  hubby was so so happy about..Truly it has been a very well organised picture perfect setting!!! Well done Singapore….:)

For Eash was great day of photography and being one of the millions to watch the first ever night race,Thanks to the Grandstand ticket and The well organised race by Singapore!!! Uniquely Singapore!!!!

But may be the coming years v may have to do a lil extra to give the paying public to give the soulful feeling of the race!

So today is Qualifying… Rain n thunderstorm expected.. so anything can happen.. MY bet for pole Massa ,Hamilton or Vettel- the next Schumi? or is it gonna b Alonso..???? Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Take a look at few of the Friday practice shots by By husband.. Photos copyright by Moorthy.

 First ever night race Uniquely @ Singapore

The Gallery in the back drop of the flyer 🙂 i liked this pic soo much:)

Happennings @ the pit garage:)


One of the official videographers high above in a crane:)



First feel at Singapore GP – F1:)@the Circuit…..:)

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YES… Had been to the circuit Yesterday ,one day before Friday Practice…I wanted to Go as Eash has his tickets for 3 days starting today…And As Yuvan is not allowed in here as mentioned in my previous post, I’m staying back at home.. But i wanted to get the Night Race F1 feel..that too when Itz happenning here in Singapore..right away..

We were at Gate 6, Raffles city at abt 6.30 pm ..The back drop being the Merlion , Flyer and the Singapore River..WIth The Henderson Anderson Bridge making a part of the circuit.. we were in the place where the bridge curves in ( see pics)…What a Sight!!! And my heart felt so nervous as if m gonna drive.. seeing the circuit gives that nice feeling for any F1 fan.. i know.. n i felt n enjoyed it completely… of the workers told us that there is a Test drive they had been informed to be at 7pm..But we were very sure that definitely the F1 cars will not b there on the circuit ,as per the rules..that’s why there’s a thing called Friday Practice before qualifying n the Race..But v waited to see some action,as there were volunteers,stewards preparing the clearing off..even a small dirt..which is a sign of something gonna happen really..stewards practising showing yellow flag ( indication for Safety car deployed… no over taking…ha ha ha.. The most somber part of F1 it is..but safety first..)clearing the public ( though not so much..) 1m away from the barricades ,telling us ..any impact,..the barricades will move a bit..( u can see us sitting on the barricades ard 7…but after that no…) the barricades we are on are the fourth tier ..two tier barricades inside the circuit..backed off by the grills..then another concrete barricade n then one more where some of us were sitting…:)

In between all these there were signs of something..we saw More cars (not F1) taking people to the garage.. (if m not wrong the crew… n some drivers).. We saw the Ferrari crew going in a open battery operated car,jus enjoying the feel… Massa cycling with shorts  on ( picture was nicely taken by Eash,but he still has to copyright..will post later),Heidfield on the bike.. some crew jogging.. what a scene..true F1 feeling..

and then @ 8 it started.. DO u think F1 cars ? as expected by us NO!!! But safety car trial..But still worth watching it.. Eash was busy taking pics..and he got some great shots of the circuit,the safety cars and drivers..stewards.. will post the link to his album later on Monday with whole lot of F1 pics…kk??

Okie..there has been some voices in the Public n press in on-line forums that there are too much of steel grills erected..but after going there..i felt its for the public safety and for the F1 which is essential..but the galleries are erected in such a way that the view is good.. (see pics)SO..Well done Singapore!!!!!!!!!

Btw,.. Yesterday Night,Eash’s fren who works for ING ( main sponsor for Renault) as his client,got a Grand Stand -Pits Ticket for Today’s Friday Practice ,which he gave to Eash.. SO Eash is excited to see n photograph the F1 cars very very near n off course to get a glimpse of the Drivers up close.. m jus waiting to see his pics today!!!! and for tomo n dayafter he will b on his own public gallery more grandstand!!!

Now..get the feel what I I go..the pics…

The Marina Bay Street Circuit Picture….

Gate 6 view…

  Our First seating..on the barricades outside the grills..but a great view of the circuit at the corner turning into the Henderson Anderson bridge..from where we saw all the below scenes..including Massa in the cycle n Hiedfield driving a bike…


 Up close look of a car coming thru the Henderson  Anderson bridge..probably driving the crew to the garage…










A view of the corner

The Stewards getting ready ..taking positions…

 This is where Gate 6 is located ..view from the walk abt behind…


The Merlion backdrop as well

Wat a View?

The Galleries for the open tickets

Yuvan n Eash may b discussing a strategy for viewing….may b Yuvan accepted what dad told him..see next pic…


 Yuvan takes Father’s advice.. waitign for the safety car to pass by…

 Me an Yuv in the gallery..behind is a part of the circuit…

Me at the gallery… ( don’ look at my Shabby hair.. waitng for a hair cut…planning to wait till end oct n see how much it can grow n may b have a new look…:) )

Me n Yuv again in the walk abt…

 Yuvan enjoying the water glare made on the walls..enroute city hall mrt..


  Note : all the pics expect where me n Yuv are there are taken by me.. so can’t expect a professionalism… taken with my Sony Digi cam..Eash’s pics will b posted as promised on Monday… he got some great shots… the best thing about his photography is he jus doesn’t shoot only the event..also the people ard and some “wahhh ” factors…

And Forgot to say ..the weather forecast for The Singapore GP is rainy on Friday Practice and Race day.. so more dramas to unfold…let’s see..who takes.. For me any RED CAR..THE FERRARRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..if KImi n Massa both take podium…I will b haaaaaaappppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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This is the word my heart uttered after I went into the HDB HUB…A well well planned and utilised Building to the very core ,yet with some beauty added to it like the structural waterfall…and a very nicely done seating arrangement..etc..I shd say… I fell n love with it the very moment i stepped in… And not to forget “Itz Spacious enough ” – This is my first visit there…

Now Why was I there?
Yes..Yesterday was our First Appointment for the Five room flat v bought..I was speculating between taking Yuvan with us or leaving him at my n his frens home..But finally decided to take him along as Eash wanted Yuvan to b with us for the appointment…ourz was at 1.30 pm and and the whole matter of fact was done in 1.30 hrs… 30 – 40 mts in total waiting at HDB office and abt 1.30 hrs waiting at the lawyers office to b v came home at 6.30 after a short visit to Barang Barang..( sky rocket expensive mannnnnnnnnnnnn..thats why i sd few minutes..LOL) and then a meal at KFC at Plaza SIngapura.

Yuvan really behaved well and Kudoos to him..and he slept only by 5!! He enjoyed himself as well he behaved!!!

All formalities done now…
Our owner will try to push to give us the keys on 25th in time for Diwali..else on 29th,on the second her new home renovation is under process.. their agent told them ( a nice lady..both the owners ,agent and as well mine) ” 24th will be a bonus for them.. but 29th emergency as their tenancy last date is 31st”  “*wink * ( borrowed Angeline’s style) so… we will b getting the keys on 29th as of now…
We are happy… happy ..happy.. can’t give a high rental of 2.3 K to my owner rather I buy my own house!!!!!

Dudes.. Wish me luck n prosperity..won’t u?