Month: October 2013

Props! Props!

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Props are optional for Yuvan’z Show and Tell and Poetry recitation. But Yuvan has set a standard for himself within himself and would like to bring some props every other time! What does that mean??
— art time at home; moms brain cells needs to work more; we need to get dad’s help for some creative thinking!!

This has been the case the last two years and we are done with the exams this year ( and we are already in MoDe ReLAX) – just awaiting scores!! So, what did we make this time ?
He did a poetry on turtle — do we did a turtle hat out of a paper cup…

He spoke about his Sentosa and Luge experience 🙂


So, I can hear many of you asking, does making props give him an advantage? ‘No!! They are not in the marking scheme!’

We do it ‘cos I still love the arty child in him and it’s a bonding time with him that I can’t compromise 🙂 On a lighter note, it also boosts my confidence, that I can do stuffs like these too:p

Project Tamil

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After the initial start, so many times with so many tools, we are making yet another start – but am back to the very reliable tools – Paper, Pen and Pencil!

Min Goal — To get Yuvan to read and understand simple sentences and simple one paragraph stories by 31st Dec!

Max Goal — As much as possible depending how well and how fast Yuvan can grasp the language!
Day one — Start 🙂


On a lighter note he said, ‘it’s easy to remember .. Like Thalaivaa song, Kasadathapara…… Tamil pasanga!’

Hmmmm:) as long as you remember, I don’t mind !

Update :- After Day one


Sunday :)

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Memory rekindled…

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Yuvan is rolling from left to right for a suspected stomach ache.. Paracetomol given just to make him feel better.. Traditional stuff done too .. He is watching tv at 2am to divert attention… This made me remember of a similar incident when me and him watched Barney through till 4 am .. He was a bit more easy to handle then .. He was only 2 yrs old …:)



Who’s this?

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My little man ! I noticed him (as in picture) walking along side me, talking about my tomorrow’s early morning wake up plan and his suggestions about how I should squeeze in a bit more of sleep 🙂 hmmm…. I really smiled and I felt my smile .. You are really our rock star !

Touch wood:)



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Yuvan insisted that he would like to have an icecream after a meal at Pastamania after his swim.. I said ok and he bought his single scoop.. Once he came back to the table with his icecream in his hand, he ran back to the counter again ‘one minute ma..’

He came back with another spoon and told me ‘for you Maa…’



Love you Yuvan your simple thoughts and I just lived and loved this NoW moment!

Friends with subtitles..

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Yuvan has swimming friends; school friends; play ground friends; music class friends; special friends; family friends; India friends and the list goes on.. A very interesting addition to this are ‘instantaneous friends’ — which he can make anywhere and everywhere and yet not know their names even after the end of the session … He tends to have more often these friends before n after swimming and I always watch them spellbound with their skills to have maximum fun even in the most simplest play!! Kids are amazing !!