Month: November 2008

Happy Birthday Yuvan

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Today is Yuvans 3rd Birthday 🙂

Hap Hap Happy Birthday Yuvan..

Will write ab today in detail in a few days time,as m jus abt to leave to mymom’s place for abt 4 days ,where threz no internet for me at home to blog:)

see u guys soon with a detailed update 🙂

Banana.. Banana

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Oops.. itz been a while I hopped in to my emailz n blogs.. had a relaxing time, food and met my cousins at my Mom’s place,where I stayed for abt 5 days.. will be going back on Yuvan’s Birthday till dec 1st..My best fren is visiting me n staying with me for 4 nice itz gonna be… M expecting those days..

But a fact that I shd accept is …will u guys believe that m missing Singapore… Yeah yeah…Missing Singapore !!!!

OKie.. wondering wats this title “Banana..” I think most of u guys are aware that Yuvan hates banana..n that I have tried giving him in all forms.. baby bottle food,milkshakes..icecream..he jus hates that flavour…n identifies with one spoonful of anything that has banana in it n says “Nooooooo ”

But very surprisingly..from the very day we landed here..Yuvan is eating Banana one almost every day or alternate days..n without forcing..he jus asks for “Banana.. I want Banana ..” Itz something that took me n Eash by surprise… But m happy for it..n I Hope n believe Yuvan continues his banana habit Back in Singapore too..:)

Mmm..lots to say..but as of now..jus relaxing…drafting a post too.. so m still in blogging ways..thatz sounds nice isn’t it?

Signing off @ 6.20 pm IST

The smell of my own soil >>>

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Wah… wat a feeling to be back in cbe 🙂 we had one of the smooth landings ever at the Cbe airport.. Kudoos to the pilot:)

M at my in -laws place.. Yuvan is having fun..racign cars..playing with his balls.. many ppl ard him to talk n answer him..ultimately m having a lil bit of a well deserved break:)

I will b at ease tomo more.. cos m gonna my mom’s place for abt 4 days from tomo 🙂 already my brother visited me on thursday.The whole afternoon Yuvan had fun playing with my brother n taking bike rides with my bro!!!

mmm… Waiting to eat my Mom’s Yummiculous recipes… Taking mom to the doc for a small skin allergy my mom is carryign for almost a month now.. she needs me for this.. mmm… I hope n pray nothing serious.. thinking it to be a minor one 🙂

I have already spoken to my cousins who are close to my heart 🙂 Gonna have a gala time this weekend at MOm’s place 🙂

mm..will keep u guys posted..:)

SIgning off From India .. 8.05 pm IST

A scare n m fuming…

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Wondering what m i doing here rather than getting ready for the airport? yeah ..all set.. another 1.30 hrs to leave to the airport…

Jus wanted to tell u guys n that m off to India today but will blogging … but not everyday… when me n yuvan were going to collect a stuff from her place n lunch over there…we were walking back from the mall,where I hadd to duplicate one of my keys.. Yuvan n Sam were walking some 5 ft before us.. there was a lady with her dog..loosely holding the chain n talking over her phone… but she was holding the dog.. n before we realised as Yuv n sam took the extreme side away from the dog to pass by, though they were strolling not walking..the dog was so ferocious n gave a   big “BOW ”  n came to bite them .. ( still the lady was on teh phone no reaction.. )I can see Yuvan’s fingers in between the jaws  But Yuvan took it out in time, took sides..Still that sight is there in my eyes… N I reached in abt few seconds to him and me n BHony were checking his hands.. whether any bite or bruise …and then after a min i turned back to see the lady…she was already going away from me.. not even a sorry … didnt even chk whether her dog hurt my son or what ..n still over the phone..but she was turning back more often to see whether m following her..I wanted to catch her n give her a nice one.. after seeing kids coming n there were so many small kids off from school also she was carelessly holding her ferocious dog,with her ear n eyes elsewhere… n I m really upset that she didnt even have the courtesy to stop n chk wat happened or say sorry!!! what if my son Had been bitten? Ridiculous!!!

Okie time to wind up.catch u guys soon

A short note:)

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Hey Guys.. i know i have taken quite a long break… V moved to our new home jus before diwali 🙂 n completely on that following tuesday.. have been settling down in my own home… busy with other stuffs.. but finally m having a peace of mind… a relaxed feeling 🙂 i have lots to write abt this diwali.the pooja we had at home n  lots more in my drafts.. but i’m hoping i can post before this Wednesday.. as me Eash n Yuv are off to India for a month.. but i will b blogging from India ,though not everyday:)m back in SIngapore on Christmas.. with my Mom.. who wd be with us for a month.. extended  vacation for me.. he he he

And all my blogging frens..i have been blog hopping..but haven’t been commenting these few days 🙂 will do it soon 🙂

Hope i wd write tomo:)