Month: October 2010

Farm Animals Lapbook !

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Me and Yuvan  started last week , with simple categorising and learning and revision of what he knows about animals through lapbooking  .

The first phase was done last week, with Farm animals , and we kicked off  writing what and how  to differentiate between Wild animals and Farm animals.

This time around I ventured into making different types of booklets used in lapbooking – courtesy :- JUST GOOGLE 🙂

So to write about the simple facts on the Farm and  Wild animals, we used a 3/4 th open page which gives him enough space to write in :) and also a nice way to

use it in the front cover of the Lapbook 🙂

and Yuvan did a general Barn picture – coloring and labeling the many animals on them …

The 3/4 th open Information page 🙂

And then we did 3 mini booklets of different designs  –

The first one covering  ”who lives on the barn ? “

The second Booklet covering the  ”What do they say ?  ” like a Pig says Oink

The third covering Animals and their Babies

And we did two maths related simple worksheets –

dot to dot to draw a pig but by counting in 2′s

And reverse counting from 10 to 1

And a simple one covering the Male/Female and the baby of the most common far animals….

And the most memorable stuff was ,in the animals and babies booklet, there was an empty page which just stated  ”My mother and me ” And he instantly drew us.. And a worthy fact to record, Yuvan is off late so interested in drawing objects ,people and trying to explain about things he understood by process drawing… like a simple “how rain comes ?”using his drawing skills…

CarromBoard Fun Maths

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Carrom Board is a very common household game in India and most popular equally among Children as well adults… I remember when we were young, me nad My brother saved up to buy a good quality carrom board  and it lasted for many many years…:)

We bought one out of interest for E even before Yuvan was born… and in the recent times Yuvan loves to play it… though he is still on the learning ropes…

He loves to play with his cousins and friends when he goes back to India for vacation…

Last week , he bugged me to bring it on for a play session.. and I had to engage him… and tried to put his addition skills to test and off course practical learning…

The carrom board as in a a squarish board made of wood .

The carrom is played with 9 white coins each valued 2 and 9 black coins each valued for 1 and a red coin valued at 5.

What we did ??

  • We did counting in 2 ‘s using white, add on using as many combinations as with whites , blacks and the Red…
  • Counting the whites as in how many and how much – similarly for black and red
  • And the board in itself has many shapes drawn for the many rules with which it is played and he had fun identifying all those shapes
  • stacking the coins one over the other ,
  • adding up the points for me and him as we pot each coin ..:)

I was happy he had hands on learning as well play time and he was happy too :)))