A Big Milestone

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I really don’t know why I take breaks in blogging for no reason… and it has happened many a times.. so whats wrong with me .. Good that M back …

I am happy and as well in a way feel weird as a mom, because my Little son has moved out to his own domicile.. tricky…???? yes!!!! He has started sleeping in his own room… which is actually our Third bedroom…  Why not the second.. ? cos our home is a  “child friendly  room in room master bedroom n child bedroom layout…”

But he chose to sleep in a separate  bedroom… moved out all his stuff from his child bedroom  to ” his ” own room… his toys, his writing-table and desk ,his books … and started sleeping in the bedroom, for the last two days… And to be precise, It was me n E who felt really uneasy the first day he slept on his own.. we kept checking on him…

Now I am really ok with it and happy that he is on his own…

I keep both of our room doors partially open, keep the bedroom lights ON  in both the rooms . And the big advantage is  once m up after a while he gets up  earlier than his usual time,which is a big bonus for me on the time front…

So ultimately,Yuvan is growing up! And is a major Milestone !

and happy about it:)


One thought on “A Big Milestone

    Sathiya said:
    March 2, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    Wow! Couldn’t believe it….Yuvan is pretty fast;)

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