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I chanced upon this post from MyPlayschool.net ‘s facebook page ( which has been linked to home school how to for this post )and am really impressed..This is basically a post relating to what to do with kids during the school break,which eventually starts from today here in Singapore..

These are  the “100 things to do  “ not only during school breaks, but as and when we could do with our kids…

Many things takes very little time but I am sure is going to have lasting impressions on/with our kids…

The full list of ‘100 things to do “ is  here and Please read through.. I bet you will love it and tempted to implement too…

A few I liked soo much and Am sure going to implement are

Pick a flower – Count the number of petals and leaves on the flower. If you have a
magnifying glass, you can look at all the parts of the flower very closely. Look at
whether the petals and leaves are jagged around the edges or smooth.
Note:- I recently found the value dollar shops selling good magnifying glasses

Cut open fruits – Get some different fruits that are in season and cut them open
from different angles. The apple is the most fun because if you cut it crosswise,
you will see a star in the middle. Always look for the seeds and talk about how
those seeds help make another tree or bush that will grow that fruit. experimentnt
with cutting fruits in different shapes and sizes and see which way you like to eat.
Take them to the post office, bank or local city office. Call ahead and see if
one of the clerks would be willing to take you behind the counter and show you
around for a few minutes to get an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.
Note: if not we could explain them step by step…

Find Japan and China on a map or globe. Talk about how far they are away from
where you live. Talk about what time it is in those countries right now. If your
child wants to know more, you can get a reference book from the library or search
for information online.
Note : We could do with any country we wish, or If our child has been talking about a specific country,better to do that or If you are intending to travel to another country, we could do that.

Go for a walk around the block and talk about what you see. If the weather is
too cold, go to a mall and do the same there. If you’re outside you can talk about
the trees, leaves, grass, houses, sky, clouds, cars, etc. Just make observations
about what you see and encourage your child to do the same. If they have
questions you can’t answer, make some notes to look up the answers when you get

What’s missing – Get a tray and put several toys, food items, or any set of items
that fit on the tray. Have your child study what is on the tray. Then have them
close their eyes and take one item away. When they open their eyes, have them
guess which item you took away. Keep taking things away one at a time guessing
which item is missing. Your child will probably want to quiz you on this one too.

Go outside for a while and study the clouds. You can lay on a blanket with your
child or just look up at the sky for a while. If you want to count some of the
clouds, that would help reinforce their counting skills. You might want to look at
some books about clouds before you go out, but you can just look at the clouds for

Play grocery store– Save some empty packages like cereal boxes, cracker boxes,
noodle boxes, egg cartons etc. You can even use some full cans of food too. Set up
your pretend grocery store somewhere in your house and take turns being the
cashier and the shopper. Get some play money or make your own. You can “price”
your items and add up the total and pay with your money. Or you can just pick out
a few items and pretend that you have enough money to cover your purchases.
Note:- A very practical lesson plan to teach Money, next step after recognizing the coins and dollars  and their make up in different forms.

My favorite things – If you have some old magazines lying around you can use
them for this activity. Get a large sheet of paper or poster board and have your
child make a collage of their favorite things. These can be toys, food items or
anything else that they think of. If you have magazines, then you can cut pictures
out of them and glue them to your paper. If you don’t have magazines, then your
child can draw their favorite things.

Bubbles – I think all children like blowing bubbles. All you need is one jar,
although you can get much more elaborate than that. Blow lots of bubbles and
have fun chasing them around the yard.

Measure It – Get a cloth or plastic measuring tape and show your child what the
numbers mean and how to use the tape. Then let your child choose different
things that he/she would like to measure around the house. You can even have a
piece of paper handy and write down how long each item measured and then
compare the numbers.
Note: A Good practical add -on to learn about measuring!

Are you going to try some  too ?


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