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Itz Scramble Mania and Battle Force – Hotwheels… 🙂

We already had a different set of Scramble .. like a chess board with alphabets ..which we seldom used ..

Yuvan got a NEW Scramble board as his birthday day from one of his Favorite Uncle’s here…
This Board has a Plastic sturdy base on which we need to fix the letters.. which comes in handy that we
could play the game anywhere.. on the couch..table.. mattress.. anywhere… and Off late he is very interested into it..
and I am his playmate and I love doing it as I love word games too and I can do my other stuffs simultaneously too..(wink)
where I can’t do my other things when he wants me to be his playmate for a game of cricket or so…

And Yuvan was talking all about this ” battle force ‘ color changing stuff  which he intends to buy if we agree…for sometime… and when I took him to ToysRus during the start of the term Break , He told us as usual.. he want to wait to buy the Battle force and not buy anything else.. Which has been Him for a long time…

we decided to get him one since its term break and he seldom asks for Toys…And  the ToysRus guys didn’t know what it was!!!We googled and showed him and we found out and bought the same..

It is nothing but a basically colour changing car ,when it goes into the HOT/ COLD water with various setups 🙂

He loved it and Enjoys it too 🙂 except that he makes my floor messy… and later helps in clearing up the mess!


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