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is what I have been described as. I have always heard of Yuvan being described with that word too… 

Today we did something really spontaneous and we enjoyed the experience and we both feel very happy and joyful.

It was an unusually early Sunday morning as Yuvan woke up because of a hunger pang (finally…) and so I woke up too.. While I was getting ready for my morning walk (still contemplating) I just asked ‘so you want to cycle as I walk?’ He spontaneously said ‘oh yes!’

We took a route that I knew but detoured to explore the Sengkang Riverside Park with no water bottle and money in hand and wohoo we survived… He had long been asking to cycle at the Riverside Park and so I decided to give it a go!

We not only survived but enjoyed the walk, explored and found out there are bicycle rentals, breakfast places. We enjoyed figuring out the routes, the fresh air and the morning buzz. We also caught a bee sucking nectar upclose which fascinated him…I told myself ‘we should do this again as a family too!’ We also bumped into his friend R. 

For me personally, I loved the whole experience of the morning walk in the park with lush green trees and flowing river, talking with Yuvan and what not! I was ‘present’ with my mind not ‘running’ in the background which was a surprise by itself for me. I enjoyed the NOW – Then and had FUN! New experiences and every experience makes your journey! 

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