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is being very rapidly replaced with amazing apps and yes, they are very handy too… But this goes also with my other concept of ‘The invention of smart phones has deprived us of learning to be smart..’ 

I personally think knowing how to use a dictionary is itself an art and the number of words you may come across in your quest to find the word you would be looking for makes you knowledgeable (and I admit its frustrating when you initially learn to use a dictionary…)

I had always been worried whether Yuvan would pick this art of using a dictionary or would completely be dominated by technology? As well, the worry was real as he started using google translate much early because of his mother tongue requirements academically… 

I slowly inteoduced him to dictionary since his grade 2 and though he didn’t seem to use much, with the neccessity in grade 5 and his constant participation in spelling bees has been a driving force… 

Today as we started studying he brought the dictionary along  with him and started using it, and he even mentioned he prefers this upon the Pocket Thesauraus he has.. Well, I hope he continues…

When I was young me and brother were forced to learn three to five new words every day from the dictionary and maintain a notebook for that by my Dad.. I won’t follow that footsteps but rather would like to help him to cultivate genuine interest in everything… I am striving.. striving…

Having said all these, I have become so dependent on Google.. I wonder why…


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