A break, sometimes a short one

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exactly with what you need in that short period would do the trick in rejuvenating you or rather rediscover you… I am glad I had one after eons recently… And I am happy that found myself again:-)
After a yes-no yes-no in my ever running mind for a short trip home, given the price of the tickets and the shorter duration, finally I did say ‘Ok, let me do this’ with 75% yes..

The day before I was set to fly, another God’s way of messaging, someone told me out of the blue, when I discussed about how unsure I am about the spending but how I miss my mom, bro and home, she did said something which I think is a clear message by the Almightly himself, ‘You deserve this break, spend time with people whom you want to and this one week is your investment for your next 6 months away from home… Just goo.. Don’t think much and do what you feel is right for you!’ And I did…

It turned out to be one awesome break with 

  • Me spending 80% of the time at mom’s.. 
  • A special birthday surprise for me from my bro and cousin, a flower bouquet from Eash, a very homely lunch get together with my Uncle’s family and a good dinner out; 
  • Celebrated my brother’s birthday which we surprised him with a card from me and Yuvan – long are the days gone when we wished each other with a birthday card, I was super glad I was able to reinvwnt the  magic this time and I knew my brother was pleasantly surprised; And order in and more family time…
  • Well spent time with my cousins A and K; couch sleeping; movie marathons at home; home cooked food; time spent with mom in her kitchen; shopping trips with mom;
  • Celebrated my best buddy’s big jump day – was a great feeling to have been there with her; ended with a great rum cake celebration and off-course a card:-)  
  • Two impromptu day trips (rather drives) with my best buddy, mom and Yuvan… The trip where I felt myself again – enjoying the touch of super cold breeze on my face, stops for tea, random pics, unspoken but well understood hours between me and my best buddy S and offcourse some good food…
  • Crazy panipoori outing on the day we were supposed to fly out just few hours before my flight, as Yuvan craved for pani poori.
  • A last minute meeting of an Old friend, because I decided I want to!

The joy of reading a book in the bed right after you wake up without even brushing your teeth and no one really giving you a dirty look for reading and rather being asked whether you would like a tea is a million dollar peace of mind that can only be achieved at your mom’s… And I was blessed with that during this trip..

The love of my bro’s two doggies Sash N Shadow blew me out too

Just one sentence about Yuvan – he enjoyed every bit of attention on him and yet he was well behaved.. as well there is something that I dare not to explain on this page, which made me content…Thanks Yuvan for that… Love you! 

A trip where I realised what I really need and what should I do for my own sanity and happiness..  A trip where I rediscovered myself and reconnected with myself – it was such a beautiful experience to just explore the ‘ME’ again… An eye opener of sorts… A pat on my back:-) I have told myself that I shall reward myself more with these 🙂 I will continue being me everyday!


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