Soulful cooking

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is what I call my time in kitchen mostly, ‘cos it really makes me feel good… that’s probably the only time my brain works ‘just’ on the task and nothing less nor more. I like cooking and I love trying new recipes… But I have to admit that I do have phases where I go completely uninspired or have no mood to cook too.

But if I am in a bad mood, or I think I want my own space, the first thing I do is cook up a storm in the kitchen… I also make efforts to wok Yuvan’z favourites in the kitchen with lots of camouflaging to include the necessary greens and what not! And I always keep my fingers for Yuvan’s thumbs up or comments… He he.. he is a real foodie, just like me…

Some soulful cooking in the last month or so, has been a therapy for me…

Click here to find out what’s been cooking in my kitchen in the last month or so…




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