A Mother’s day with a difference

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is what I experienced… Though I am not a believer in ‘days’, in retrospect I think these days can be seen as days for people to remember to say thanks and take a moment to appreciate and as well serve as a reminder to people who take others for granted.

Having said that, I got some subtle messages, a reminder from the Almighty himself to me.. We followed our heart, me and Yu went out for a very very late dinner last night to satisfy my Tandoori Chicken craving and we were in a taxi driven by a very elderly uncle. He was calm, composed and we stuck a conversation. The parting words from him, as we alighted were, ‘I know you youngsters work very hard and I know you as a mom will be trying to spend as much as time with your family, which is right ‘cos family is more important… Don’t work too hard and don’t forget to take time for yourself…’ 

A day prior to all this, Yuvan and me stuck a casual conversation and he asked, ‘Why should they have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day separately? I strongly suggest that it should be one day called Parents Day’ (His rationale behind this is the struggle to remember two dates and the ever indicating Mummy.. Boys are Boys!)                                                                                 

But, this made me think a little bit more introspectively – actually I love the cards he gives me; but I think my happiness is when he is better behaved, independent but not arrogant, and shows respect to everyone, tries to be a honest and genuine human being! And I did tell him about it, that I don’t expect a card, so he doesn’t have to force himself but I want him to show what he means in the values he carries and follows within himself, throughout!

Mother’s Day was just another normal day and we headed off to his league cricket match. I have realised that me being there through the match at the dugout sometimes puts a little extra pressure on him and my superstitions also come into play… As we both deal with these individual demons, I dropped him off for the match and left thinking to rejoin for their second innings. My mind was definitely thinking about him and wishing the best. I have to admit I am still the anxious, nervous mom!

I came back in and the first thing one of the cricket moms told me was, ‘Yuvan’z mummy, Yuvan batted so well.. the parents were asking the team, who is this Virat Kohli..’ Ah well.. a true mummy moment..:-) But I was battling my own demons as his team was still fighting to win and the opposition placed well. 

Yuvan fielded well, came back to bowl a crucial 17th over. I was just not looking at him completely for obvious reasons and he took two wickets in that over and his team was pumped with positive energy. They went on to win this crucial fixture.. It was a good day overall. 

Yuvan’s head coach is known for his straight forward talking and he pushes the boys to their limits to get the best out of them. Any indisipline, arogance and not sticking to the  basics never goes unnoticed and the message will be immediately conveyed.. I was glad to witness and see he was one of the players who has maintained not to be scolded or told off for indiscipline or arrogance so far, which I think is the quality of being grounded I want him to follow through his entire life… Also learning to take defeat and success in the same light and to understand that there is always a little something to take away in any situation and improve and learn a life’s valuable lesson are the keys! Yuvan, trying to hold on to and practice these made my day and I told him quite openly that this show of values is my biggest gift of the day and would appreciate if he continues so…

And I also have to credit the coaching team for instilling teamspirit and leadership qualities in the young minds.. As the team assembled, with no initiations and the coaches still not at the ground, the team automatically started to practice. What a sight it was, as I am someone who believes coaching/teaching is just not only about skill developing but much much more!


The other thing was completely unexpected today!  As I waded into Giordano today, they asked me whether am I a member and a mom and then gifted me with a Mother’s Day cake bounty!! Surprise! Surprise! 

I am also truly indebted to two people in this world, 1. My mom who has instilled great fundamental values in me and truly gave me space to grow as an individual to who I am today. I know I will always be a ‘little girl’ to her… 2. The little man Yuvan who has given me courage, hope, confidence, laughter and some amazing life’s lessons through his uncomplicated way of looking at life, as I walk through my own little insecurities being a person, mom and a parent! Thanks and I love you both… Though I don’t believe in ‘Days’, I want to take this opportunity to appreciate, be grateful and thankful, for what the Almighty has given me in these two people to me! And thankful to the Almighty too…




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