‘Mom.. You have to

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buy a facewash for me!’, announced my 10 yr old right after walking into the door yesterday from school! I was rolling my eyes and with a smile, asked, ‘Why? Whats up?’

Yuvan goes, ‘Mr X (his floorball coach) said its time we boys start using face wash regularly as  we will now start getting pimples etc as we will be reaching puberty soon..’ (Me:- A shocked but very surprising rolled eyes..)

I said, ‘Ok Yuvan, makes sense.. let’s look for a kid-friendly one later!’ Yuvan continued, ‘Oh Mr X has suggested some brands too..’ Oh my Gosh! I am in for a roll leading up to pre-teen years I guess…

And we did buy one for him;  The mummy in mr rejoiced ‘Atleast he would start washing his face well enough from now on…’

 MY little boy is growing upppp!!! And when I was all thinking about this growing up, his P3 teacher sends me this pic and says ‘Yuvan got randomly picked to perform on stage for International Friendship day and he is:-)’ 

He never stops to amaze me…:-) 


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