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decision making acknowledged by the parents may be something every child wants probably.. Frankly, I never had that kind of a childhood. As parents, we are trying our very best to give that to Yuvan, but we also have to accept it drives us crazy at times!!

 Its was quite a day with me feeling not so great the whole day and Yuvan came home with lots of school work to finish! It turned out to be a day where we just had to listen to his feelings and rationale! He told me today, ‘Yes I have the ability but I have no interest in carnatic vocal!, so interest should be first then ability!’ Bow! Bow!

So at the end of today, we finally listened to him and his thoughts and let him quit his vocal music lessons so he could pursue only what he is passionate about (outside academics) i.e floorball and cricket. 

The eyeopener was earlier when he went for an audition he did tell the interviewer he hates singing though he was singing throughout the day, because in his mind is etched singing is carnatic music…

 Today, after our collective agreement on his vocal music lessobs, he still kept singing lots of songs (‘one day my father told me…’) through the evening, making one thing very clear, ‘he loves singing, he has the potential but he is not made for carnatic music!’,  but he still has the love and flair for singing! If we have not agreed for this quit now, may be he would have lost this joy of music in general.. Though my mind still says, ‘Its good to learn an art and music is soo good for the brain..’, I have accepted that we need to let Yuvan follow his heart!

And he was in a good mood, singing as he was doing his homework and I was relieved in a way too (I guess we have done something right)! I can sense he felt liberated! 

So we did also somthing impulsive though impulsiveness is not always good but sometimes yes and it brings great happiness to the moment..  We decided to savour our favourite chicken rice and satay at a nearby hawker centre.. Then took a train ride to grab some mcflurry mud pie, on a school night…

 I told myself, it’s ok to be out of routine once in a while for some sheer happiness and satisfaction! Live the moment! Yes, my mood  lifted greatly and I had a happy child going to bed! 

I am thankful for today’s blessings! Looking forward to a happy tomorrow!


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