Conscious appreciation

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should be the way to go for me to get back to some real sanity! I have lately discovered (though a friend of mine pointed out long ago) that I am not enjoying the little joys, giving myself a hi-fi when appropriate, cherishing the small quite moments and appreciating the blessings that surrounds me…

It all could be due to my ‘sometimes a bane and sometimes a boon’ characteristic ‘trying and strive to be better than last time’ attitude, which constantly sends my brain and train of thoughts on an extra spin, and as a result I end up not appreciating anything around me nor enjoying or cherishing my blessings.

I decided to change this consciously by making a few adjustments and these few little not so big adjustments to my day(s) has made me defintely feel the difference… Taking bus and MRT more has given myself more time, a sense of self-belonging and a time when I can look around me, people watch and what not, bringing an instant sense of happinnes and smile to my face! 

Morning walks whenever possible since this Jan has made me feel good about myself and I have been noticing things around me that I have never noticed in my 10 years of living in SG…. The proof is here (click). Can you imagine, all these pretty things have been around me?

Well, more changes ahead for me to consciously appreciate and I am sure it’s going to make it better for me and offcourse people around me:-) A better calm not so constantly anxious approach to life, may be?


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