Mummy moment

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happens unexpectedly and it could be anything 🙂 My recent mom moment was completely out of the blue!

Scene:– Conversation with his vocal music teacher about ‘vocabulary’ while I was there to pick Yuvan!

Me:- Does your child read? It really helps.. its a good habit not only for academics I think…

Tr:- Ahh I know, but my child doesn’t read much… May be because I am not a reader myself… Do you read??

Yuvan quickly quips in and says,

“My mom is a voracious reader, she reads almosy every night…” (with a sparkle in his eyes)

Tr:- Ohhh Wow…

It’s deftly a mom moment for me knowing my child knows my hobby and appreciates it and follows it! And it gave me a high! 

And for a matter of fact he knows I not only read ‘books’ but a lot of news! Reading is just not reading books!



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