Little things go a long way! – I am Thankful for my blessings! 

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I am a firm believer in this concept but I have flawed myslef many times at this as I am still learning the ropes but I have also been able to receive it from unexpected ends many a times.. 

With some tough situations, I have not been in the best of phases or mood in the past week or so, but a few things made me look up and S.M.I.L.E which is worth mentioning… Hence this impulsive blog post..

While me n Yu were having a pretty serious conversation, Yu said, ‘You know I always look up and hope for the best to happen and give my best!! Simple example.. My exams!! You know am like that!’ Bang on – Give your best!!Be positive!! The little man continues to amaze me and inspire me…

I order the Poori’s for the very Indian Street food Pani Puri from P these days. I make my own filling and the syrup!! I was craving for it though my mood was sulky.. Since I had placed the order two weeks ago, I went to collect it, though I had no mood or plan to make the filling and syrup any sooner.. And guess what she said, when I collected ? ‘Hey… I made pani puris for us.. So packed some filling and pani for you! ‘Well! At this juncture I see this is a blessing and truly appreciate it!I saw my mother in front of my eyes… I sooo miss you amma!! 

And though Yuvan had already gone on a movie date to watch Inside Outearlier  in the week, he called me at about 5 today and asked, ‘Ma yousaid  you don’t wnat to miss Inside Out.. Do you want to go today? If you are ok I dont mind watching again!’ Aww! And we managed to get tickets and it was defintely a solace and spiralled my thought process…

Life is short!! There is always something to be thankful for! I am counting my blessings and rather not complain!! 



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