Notes of appreciation

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means a lot for anybody and if it comes from your peers it’s even more heart-warming…

In Yuvan’s school for the ‘Orange Ribbon’ project each of the student has a chance to write five appreciation notes to their peers…

Yuvan recieved the below yesterday…  

 How sweet…

The Mummy in me kicked and so I asked, ‘Have you written your notes? Why is it that you are not making an effort to write these notes? Are u not going to give..? You must give ‘cos your peers also will feel happy like how you felt when you received these..’

Yuvan goes, ‘Ma… I have only 5 cards; I have so many people in mind… So I am going to do it over the weekend and choose the 5 I really want to give..’

Me:- ‘Oh….ok… Please don’t forget!’ (With a cheeky and a relief look on my face…)

After all, he does appreciate everyone around him and thats a relief… 🙂 and I am glad he is doing the little things that are meaningful and are appreciated by his peers!

Update:- I did get him to write the thank you cards and I am sure still there are some left in undelivered. Atleast one step closer…

IMG_3257 IMG_3260


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