Little celebrations 

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sprinkled through the month of June made June a content one – I am definitely thankful to God for this… 

I am a person who still believes in hand made cards; little notes; cooking with love and simple things on special occasions… I may be old school but this is something I have tried inculcating in Yuvan from young.. He does the little paper cards for all family occasions… However we have not been sending handmade cards to Yuv’s grandparents off-late…:-( Mental note to me – Start sending from now on again!! 

Mother’s Day was quite content with a dinner out and some ‘me’ time shopping and off-course a hand-made card from Yuvan! Followed by my Birthday – cake, food, date night and movie!! 

Come Father’s Day, we decided to throw a little surprise to the man of the house.. Yuvan worked on a painting for a week; made a card;    we both ‘baked’ some cupcakes and decorated it… 

     and Yuvan woke his Dad with these! 

It was a content Sunday and I am glad both the boys were happy today!! 


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