Thankful for the reassurance..

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I have been plagued my mixed and some unexplainable thoughts these two days and have also had some guilt rides… 

And then, God had his own way of reaasuring me and comforting me! 

 Yuvan may not know/realise the one hour or so grocery shopping with him today, where he entertained me with his funny and silly jokes and his stories about his badminton camp; the whole 10 mins of him engrossed in a cococola game while I sent him away to find his cereal, his little (recently increasing) ‘growing up’ pranks and the ever insistent carrying of grocery bags, has done a world of good to me after being disturbed by ‘donot know how to explain thoughts’ over the past two days! But… I know through these little acts God has reaasured me! What a feeling!! Finally, a sense of relief!! 

Recently, I have started to inculcate in me the habit of looking back and being thankful for every little thing I HAVE! And I am starting to realise very  slowly, steadily and more confidently…     Today, I am thankful for this reassurance and these little acts of kindness showered on me which really and definitely has made a difference! 


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