Dear Maggi.. I will miss you :-( 

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With all the ooh- ha about Maggi (noodles) containing more than permissible sample of lead and MSG; I bumped into an Indian newspaper online poll which stated the below two options among the rest; 

  • It’s ok – I will eat it cos air and water is also dirty
  • I won’t eat it 

Guess what I chose?

Before I reveal the answer – let’s unwind some Maggi nostalgia of mine..

Growing up in India means growing up with maggi rather than noodles – it’s so synonymous that only when I moved to Singapore 10 yrs ago, it dawned upon me Maggi is just a brand of noodles and there are so many out there… 

So, did I change my loyalty? 

Nah… Though I tried a few other brands which I offcourse liked, I ended up sourcing the very Indian Maggi Masala noodles from the big M here in Sg… Nothing could beat the very own Indian Masala Maggi…

Maggi had been my companion through my late night studies; a saviour for my midnight hunger mania’s; a good evening meal that me and my brother could make when mom was stuck at work; my saviour when Yuvan had rare cravings for instant noodles and offcourse my very own craving for maggi with half boiled egg in it.. The list goes on… And on… 

And I was so silly that I had always thought Maggi is just Indian and not an international brand marketed by Nestle from Swiz until 10 years ago too…

Maggi was/is still so Indian to me… Close to my heart… I am not sure what’s the future for Maggi (noodles) but Maggi will always be part of my memories!

Now, back to poll! yes, I did choose Option 1 – he he; but as a mom I wont give to Yuvan – it works fine as he is not a big instant noodles fan…

Maggi… My very Indian Maggi.. Willmiss  you! 


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