The Tale of two barbers and a little young man! 

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Kids do have preference in a lot of things, I know.. Yuvan has grown to appreciate the different hairstylists cum barber shops! We have been regular at a popular chain for more than 2 years because Yuvanz stylist was a true stylist who knew how to cut Yuvanz thick dense and curly locks and Yuvan jus loves him and amazing service too!  He was a great find after trying a few!

Everytime we plan to visit India, Yuvan would say, ‘I will now have hair cut done there – and only at Sathish mama’s (my bro’s) stylist!’ I asked him why so two years ago; he replied that he likes the way the stylist cuts and actually enjoys the whole process of the-haircut! The whole process involves practically a traditional Indian men’s haircut with water sprayed from the bottle; with 90% of thehaircut being done with scissors; and trimmer only used for clean-up; shoulder massage being the final touch – all done in a slighlty modern set-up !! And offcourse he gets to enjoy the bike ride with my bro which is the icing on the cake!  

The first thing I tell my bro even before I board the flight from SG is ‘please get an appointment for him; he badly needs a haircut!! And he would reply ‘ok.. Ok..!’ Mind you… he could get a similar hair cut nearer to Eash’s place in India but he prefers and loves the hairstylist nearer to mom’s!!

Back in Sg, I had asked him a few times whether he wanted to try the 10 dollar haircuts or another similiar one near our home (which may give him an Indian haircut experience) and he had refused and we had been visiting our trusted stylist! But… Just a few months ago i.e right after our last India trip; a new local neighborhood barber shop popped up and he said he would like to try it after checking it out  from outside, and he told me that, ‘this shop could be the one which could give him ‘quite close to’ India experience!’  – not sure what did he see in the new one – for me everything  looked the same!

BUT – every since the first try – no turning back – he loves their slow and steady 90% scissors 10% trimmer approach with the huge brush to knock off the all the little dusty hair over his neck and offcourse there is water spray involved:-)

And the haircut costs 10 bucks and i love that fact!! 

Here is a snapshot of that amazing shop minus the people…

I myself like the colourful vintage deco and their professionalism! 

No hard feelings with our other stylist nor their service – he is still my stylist but Yuvan is enjoying this local experience thoroughly. I am glad he is able to connect it back to his India experience!! 

A tale of two fantastic barbers actually:-)


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