The story of the study table 

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seems to be a topic much discussed among moms who have boys particularly… Recently a friend of mine shared her sentiments of her boys ignoring the study table and stufing on dining table which received responses from fellow mommies about the kids using all possible places at home to study – dining table; kitchen floor; bed/mattress; carpeted play areas and what not except the designated study table!

This brought me back some nostalgia; my and my brother never owned a study table really – my dad’s idea of buying a study table cum dining table to save money ended up being used as none – as the table and chairs didnt suit both the purpose – but we never dared to tell my Dad that unsuitabilty was one of the reasons we never used it, everytime he was angry about non-used!! All it was used was as  table where my mom leaves the cooked food!!

We inherited another table later on from my Dad but it also ended as a table to just pile the books!! We used to study everywhere, including the door steps and open terrace!! What nostalgia – especially coimbatore chilled winter evenings on the terrace:-)

Yuvan has had a study table from very  young which also doubled up as our activity table and we REeeeaaalllllyyy uuussssseeddd it to the brink, that in the end decided to just dispose rather than give away and that’s when Y moved to grade 3! 

Then, it took a bit of research and 6 hrs of assembly time for Eash before we put together his ideal study table with drawers and a study lamp combined with a comfy swiveling chair! 

Yet, Yuvan uses it sparsely – mind you… he uses it! But we study all over the house and I have to accept his productivty and over all mood is pretty good in these non study table areas!! I believe it boils down to his character of wanting space; unwind; to be open and about!! 

When I revisit my school and college days, I loved to study on bed with all the books spread all around me 😃

Here with Yuvan, one month before major exams – our coffee table and our master room carpeting chillout place is full of piled away books, worksheets and writing material all set for revision!! And I have to accept I like to see it that way – typically my style – everything in a place where its easily accesible – cozy – piled up; organised but not that organised – yet productive!!


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