Little act of kindness 

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goes a long way and if it comes from your little one – it makes you feel even more special and happy!! 

Sundays are generally sleep-in morning’s for us. Today both me and yuvan woke up at around the same time and I know our helper would have gone off to Cold storage, after leaving the milk and tea ready. 

I wanted Yuvan not to be hovering alone and I was getting out of bed – that’s when he said making his way out of the washroom, ‘amma, you sleep for a while if u want – I will microwave the milk!’ Awwww – I was moved and I still said, ‘its ok – I am fine.. I will see u after my washroom break!’ The thought matters!! 

When I walked in to the living room, he was his usual busy sunday-self catching up on his la liga and what not soccer news! BUT.. Something made a difference to this usual sunday morning! He had not only reheated his milk, also my tea and left mine on the coffee table and his on his regular bed tray!! How thoughtful of him 🙂 I beamed, grinned and said a happy thank you!! 

I am thankful today for this little act of kindness from him which made a huge difference!! 


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