A little buddy as his playmate

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and I am constantly impressed with how he handles young kids these days i.e right from infants to toddlers…

His Hindi tuition teacher gave birth to a second child and the first child – a girl who is 12 apparently has a good rapport with Yuvan since he has been with this teacher (to whom Yuvan has been going to for more than 1.5 years now.. ). He resumed tuitions after two months break and he came back to me with his story about how he was curious to see the new baby but decided not to ask his teacher; but rather ended up talking to the teacher’s daughter A about her PSLE and her little brother…

Yesterday, he actively engaged and played with our neighbour’s son for about 2 hours until the little one had to be teared off Yuvan to be fed..

But I also ahve to admit he has some reservations against toddlers on the what to play part – especially when Y is moody – but he ends up making up for it and playing with them – examples are our close friends kids.. And they like ‘Yuvan Bhai..’

I am glad Yuvan has developed this big brother quality… But it’s worrying that he just loves boys more than girls…

Anyways, I am happy the way he handles young ones! Good job Yuvan and keep it up! This is of-course a little something that I want to archive and cherish about 🙂


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