A feeling that I don’t know how to ‘name’ and ‘describe’

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but nevertheless that made me feel content and loved yesterday…

Yuvan loves Thai food and on and off we have it as family or just him and me.. Yesterday was one of those days..

I know his order never changes but I just wanted to add a stir fried veggie in oyster sauce… Guess what he said, ‘oh ma… Be careful with your oyster allergy… Remember the last time when you had rashes…’ I replied, ‘that was oyster but the sauce should be ok..’ He didn’t give up, ‘but still… we can order some other veggie…’

The guy who was taking out orders pitched in, ‘Mam I can make the same veggie with just garlic..’ And also appreciated Yuvan for his nice thought for his mummy!

I said a huge thank you to Yuvan for remembering ‘ME’! It made me feel loved and content… It does make a difference when anyone remembers you and your health; isn’t it?

That made my day and it was a reassuring feeling that every mom wants now and then:-)


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