Sporting surprises – F1 and Soccer

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Yuvan is so soo keen in sports – whether it is watching the sporting action or playing them.. He is big time F1 fan – loves to do go karting; A huge soccer fan that he follows all the leagues and I am actually every-time amazed with the information he has about all the players/leagues and what not! Cricket is a game that he is so focused on playing and he follows it too… Floor ball is another game that he plays and that his chosen CCA too…

Having said this, meeting his favourite F1 drivers was a dream come true during the last years Singapore GP (2013). He had the opportunity  to go for the F1 Driver’s autograph session (thanks to a few spl ppl), met every one of them, had a word and got their autographs.. And E kept it as a surprise until they reached the location… I am sure both of them were over the moon… Icing on the cake was to follow…Yuvan handed over the handwritten card and a special fan message to his favourite Driver Alonso and  spent some precious 2 mins chatting with him… It was not all that… Not stopping there, Alonso personally came around looking for Yuvan while Yuvan was busy queuing up to get an autograph from Grosjean, handed Yuvan the cap he was wearing and posed for a personal pic.. What a moment for Yuvan! And yes, the cap is on display at home…FotorCreated

And fast froward 2014, we surprised Yuvan again – but this time it’s Soccer Brazil Vs Japan Exhibition match here in SG… and I managed to hold on to it until we reached the venue and he completely enjoyed the ambiance, the match and off-course all the goals scored by his favorite scored by Neymar Jr.


Thanks to GOD and I am learning to count the amazing little blessings and to enjoy good small moments which make up the bigger picture of the life…




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