A very intense talk

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is what we had just now between Yuvan and myself… I don’t want to go into details – but just the topics would give a better picture – and I am exhausted with loads of explanations; for the loads of questions on these topics and questions ..

He started with these…

1. What does it mean when they say India toughens it’s stand against Pakistan?
2. What is the problem between Pak and India?
3. Why can’t we vacate the whole of Kashmir until the problem is solved?
4. Why can’t Indian army be even more fierce?
5. Why are they not stopping the fight ?

And when I thought I was done with explanations, he starts the next one and that is…

1.What does SENSEX mean?
2.What is a share?
3.What is a public listed company?
4. How do people invest?

And then continues
1. What is BSF? And on… On… We ended with the below interesting conversation

Y : Why is Harbhajan Singh wearing a Turban?
Me: (I explained him about Sikhism)
Y: Then, Is Yuvraj Singh a Sikh?
Me: I don’t think so.. Not all Singh’s are Sikh’s…
Yuvan: Then why are all Khans a Muslim?’
Me: rolled eyes*

I ended the conversation with a grin 🙂

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