Project Digestive system!

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The human systems have really got YUVAN intrigued and he has been so in to it in the last week or so or ever since his science teacher started teaching about Systems… Rightly this weekend he had to come up with a digestive system model. He was so in to it and the catch was to use material/object that may deem fit the functionalities…

As usual, he had thought up about the materials he would use and reasoning – and as usual I did a little tweaking 🙂 (mind you ‘little’ – so we went 90% with his thoughts and suggestions)

It’s always the planning and sourcing takes time and the actual completion would be quick… I also see these projects as a huge bonding activity for myself and Yuv; as he does paper projects with Eash every month..

Yuvan has been showing more decisiveness and taking responsibility in a manner we want him to in recent times; which has led to him wanting to do everything by himself – which is good thing. That means I am more becoming a listening ear and a helping hand, which I think is absolutely good though I can sense his growing up…

For the project, I managed to source some cardboard for the base and we started with the outline.. And then moved on – Stomach and mouth was represented by modeling clay with the function indicated in a seperate picture (blender)and linked; small intestine with cotton and large with beans and linked to vacuum cleaner indicating absorption – digested and undigested food; straw for the gullet with little pieces of sticky styrofoam as food particles, indicating transportation of food…

And he completed it as he wrote the functions of each and into the sheet protector the model went! Hurray! we were done 🙂

Lessons learnt from
the project

1. could have used a black sheet on top of the
cardboard – may have looked even better!
2. I should learn to be a bit more patient with him 😦


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