Senna – The person

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I have never watched race but read, heard about a lot, being a big fan of F1… Today, I watched the documentary on him titled ‘Senna’ or indeed a movie as advertised and I cried … Literally cried:-(

What a man he had been and the thoughts for safety he had for the formula one drivers; the outbursts when he was treated badly; his more publicized rivalry with Alain Prost; his amazing relationship with his friends and family and off course the team principals and the FIA Officials …
He was a man with so much to offer!!

The documentary had more real racing video files and it made the whole thing so real to experience.. But a sad one.. Especially seeing how he was uncomfortable with the car before the race after practice, how devastated he was with the death of a driver in qualifying all at Imola..

And the man who had so much life in him, compassion and passion for safe racing was no more the next day!!

He did so much after death too, the safety that all F1 drivers enjoy today is what he sowed but never harvested.. His sister runs a charity for poor Brazilian kids educating them which was his dream… What a man!

Now I know why the racing history hails him as a hero; – ‘if his car’s steering column had been 6 inches shorter or taller he would have walked back to the paddock and would have been the greatest driver of all time!’ – this statement has been echoing in my mind so much since I saw the documentary.. A matter of 6 inches for the great human being he was!

Love you Ayrton Senna!


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