A holiday with a difference

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is something that Yuvan has experienced in the last week…

a rock climbing experience…followed by a sleep over and movie date with his best buddy S with whom he has bonded over in the last two years or so immensely, though he is a year younger to Yuvan… and being family friends helps them too.. He has slept over only at his place a few times now that sleep over during holidays at both the places during holidays is becoming a norm during holidays for these boys now..

At his place they spoke through the night, woke up at 5.30 to get ready for jogging – jogged, watched Box trolls all by themselves in the theater off course under the watchful eyes of S’s parents which they didn’t know, been responsible enough for Hiya…and what not? Sounds exciting??

The next day he came over to ours  played loads of board games, read a lot and then they suggested to go to the beach for cycling and some sand fun since they have stared at the screens the day before…(surprising to see them skip the movie and go for the beach…) Off we went to the beach early as 4.45 pm – enjoyed the beach waters wetting our legs, walking along, and they explored the beach,!  They kicked the football around and did a lot of cycling..We did frequent pit stops along the way, we chatted along, they chatted with each other, raced, took care of each other…


I liked hanging out with them too..

Yuvan being Yuvan went a bit ahead by the very end when S was tired… He went and asked the boys who were playing beach football whether he could play with them and the boys readily agreed and they had fun as me n S chatted along..


And yes, after all the activities, we gobbled down fried rice and grilled veggies when we got home… Hungry Tummies!


It was a good evening well spent…


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