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I was challenged by my dear friend Siya on my favourite reads.. I started typing on my phone note pad and I went on and on… so I decided to blog instead…. Thanks for the tag Siya and I just can’t stop talking about books…It’s a part of me!

Books have been an entertainment factor me; for I have always had the love for reading and then it has become something that I lose myself away with; quietly for an hour or more whenever I had to … A tonic! An escapade! This is when I pick and re-read my favorites .. Here I go by a mix of authors and also titles in no particular order..
1. Nora Roberts – My all time favorite…  I have read most of her titles except some trilogy’s that I am not keen… I lose myself in her books… Complete escapade and as well I have learnt/implemented some life’s lessons from many of her titles!

2. Sidney Sheldon – the first ever fiction book I bought for myself from a second hand shop in Coimbatore was Sidney’s and from then on I am a huge fan of  his works and read most of the authors’ ! just love them!
3. Danielle Steel – by now you must know why I said in no particular order.. I love her books to bits and titles like Summer’s End; Happy birthday are the ones I pick up again and again to enjoy and escape!
4. Chicken soup series – I have enjoyed most of what I have read… Taken que’s and tried to understand a child’s way of seeing the world from some of it and mostly very inspiring read!
5. The test of my life by Yuvraj Singh – I am a big fan of autobiographies and biographies too! Recently read this one and I don’t know why I felt the whole book was so genuine and was written right from his heart – some portions you can connect well, only if you have gone through yourself a similar phase in life and Yes, I could connect so much! It just changed my perception about him completely… A must read whether you are a cricket fan or not!!
6. A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell – A book about Diana’s life and I just could connect so much with this lady who I have grown to adore 🙂
7. Where would I be without Siruvar Malar, Gokulam, Chandamama and The young reader from Hindu – my childhood favorites (even now) and the loads of memories it brings along… And the books and magazine that fueled my bro’s and my reading passion!!
8. Since I have a 8 yr old with a huge reading appetite; I would like to add-on to this list – some of the children’s authors who have impressed me and yes – I have read them along with Y!
Jeff Kinney has a special mention – a series which is Yuvanz favorite to the extent that the pages are so ‘used’ with constant turning; he would go and look for one these books on his bookshelf out of the blue – would turn –  read, giggle, put it back and  would go back to do his earlier activity — He does this even at 10 pm !
And I had loads of fun watching one of the book as a movie with him last year! and off-course the cinema hall was full of boys of age 7 to 12…
 Yuvan loves Tintin and his adventures  as well and me too 🙂 a great read!
9. I am a great fan of random reads – I can browse through bookshelves and buy or borrow a book that really interests me though I may not have read any of the authors’ before… One such book I love is Katie Forde’s Recipe for love – a novel based on a reality cooking competition:-) 
10. Let me finish off with what I am hoping to read sooner – John Green’s works and Shamini Flint’s Inspector Singh series….

One thought on “My favourite reads! – Book Challenge…

    sharda said:
    September 10, 2014 at 10:01 PM

    Wow is a word for this blog.. for a moment I actually started cherishing my love for Sidney Sheldon novels, Shiva triology, chandamama, tinkle, tin tin and not to miss chacha chaudhary..

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