Cricket weekends

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have started again since the last few weeks with Yuvan continuing to do his coaching sessions and Sunday matched for his current team and friendlies for his current coach; which means our Saturdays and Sundays are so much filled with cricket – in a way good and in a way bad for me… But I am glad he is getting the exposure he needs and the joy of playing the game he loves to…

He has separate set of cricketing friends of his age and elder to him; form some kind of a special bond with the elder ones who take care of him when he plays under 13’s.., which is nice to see ..

He has showed improvement under the new coach and he is enjoying it!

What am I expecting in this as a mother apart from playing the game of cricket?
1. Discipline
2. Responsibility
3. Physical agility and fitness
4. Confidence and self belief

And I was able to spot all these when we went to try some other adventure sport and I was amazed by it .. I am happy and glad … That will be my next post though 🙂

Update:- Here it is… A climbing experience


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