The colours and life of an Indian festival

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is something that has absorbed my curious mind, as we have successfully started the festive season with two auspicious days down the trot with poojas and yummy food like vadai and sundal already washed down with Payasam!

We have made it a point to celebrate these important dates though not on a big scale over the last two years and I can see Yuvan really enjoying it as well as relating to the stories he has read over and over about different epics out of his own interest!

The best thing for me is that I have rekindled my interest in rangoli and Yuvan helps me with it too … What else do I need??




On another note, Yuvan has started wearing the traditional kurtis on these occasion without any fuss and I like to see him in those during these auspicious days…

First up a few weeks ago was Krishna Jayanthi which is the birthday of Lord Krishna one of Yuvanz favorite characters from the epic; where he was involved a lot more 🙂 and we both bonded over it I should say 🙂




The next was Ganesh Chathurthi – the birthday of Lord Ganesh who is considered wise and known for the respect towards his parents.. This time around I had invited a good friend of mine with her kids..




Two good days with cooking and rangoli – a combo therapy for me and I can’t stop wondering what a good feel these festivities bring along:-)


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