Little things matter the most!

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After the few tough weeks, wanting to spend time with Yuvan and finally doing it was a therapy…

It was an apt start, with the cabbie – The moment I got into the cab to pick Yuvan on the way, I felt relaxed – not that I was not rushing, I can feel the pace of the taxi was very very relaxed and when I told him, “Two stops”, all he said was.”Sure, relax and take your time..” I felt very contented and the peace crept in to me…  Ans Yes, he really waited without a single word when Yuvan took more than normal to come down from our home…

And that made me to calm down and Yuvan and me had a great time talking about his school National Day Celebrations since I couldn’t volunteer myself this time around… But whether I am around or not, his classmates mom’s who volunteer will never make me feel left out.. Thanks M’s Mom and CK’s MOm… Look at what they sent me…



Off we went to the Esplanade Mall one of the quieter different malls in Singapore to experience a cartoon drawing lesson. I won’t say it was as I expected but Yuvan had fun and enjoyed it… So be it! and I am not going to bug about it… But as we were waiting for the class to begin, off all the books available guess what book that he picked and enjoyed flipping over.. A Superman flap book… The kid in him still alive and I am happy about it… Flap books always brings smiles to him..

flap bok

As he was engrossed for 75 mins I spent the time at Toast Box with a hot Milo and Kaya, people watching through the glass windows…

And it was surprise visit by E to meet us and we enjoyed the Milo Dinosaur and Satays at the MakaanSutra …and Yuvan wanted to have some Thai food for dinner, meet a friend of E whom we haven’t met for long just to say ‘Hi’; He was bowled over by the recycle projects done in conjunction with the National Day that was displayed as were walking towards our Thai Dinner place…


And we ended the day meeting up with my good GF and her family after a long time and we both had fun catching up!

I felt contented after spending enough quality time with him, listening to little stories and what not… A good feeling and he is happy too… Taking time off, a step back, unwinding and thinking about nothing and enjoying the ‘NOW’ moment is important for everyone I guess…



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