A simple accident can be a life turner!

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Yes! I have been pre occupied with lots of stuff over last night and today and when I tried to cross the road just an hour ago, I almost got ran over by not one but two cars.. They had to HONK so loudly…

I was shocked but NOW I realize it’s all that minute – nothing less or nothing more that could be the difference… That minute may have changed my and my family’s life forever – For e.g. – I may have easily broken my leg, I may have even died if that had happened…

This screeching HONK has made me THINK! Take a different approach to life – Enjoy simple things; don’t have to prove yourself and defend yourself constantly, don’t have to think too much, don’t have to stress unnecessarily and what not… Cos life is so uncertain and a minute can change everything…

I am going to have a bit more easy approach, self-contentment, more more prioritizing, some MORE ME time and YES!, ‘a Don’t Worry – Be happy approach…’

It seems daunting if I re-read the above sentence myself… But I am going to try and achieve it slowly and steadily – for my own good in the first place!


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