Massage with a message!

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I couldn’t believe myself when I didn’t get any hand made card from Yuvan for Mother’s Day, though he had given enough clues that he had been working on one and planning to buy something from the book shop.. I believe his plans didn’t materialize because of his sudden viral fever and he had to skip school in between exams.. But it is still a mystery that the ‘work in progress’ card never made it to me!! Hmmm…

But, me being me, told him I will be glad if I get one though it’s late.. He promised that he will give it sooner..

Last night as we were watching his favourite sport, I told him that my elbows are painful.. He immediately said he will do a head to toe massage for me!! He offers his service to Eash most of the time and after a few times Eash has been appreciating him with words and monetary benefits – lol which he saves in to his piggy bank!

Today, after his offer I said, ‘so, how much is it?’ Then he uttered a sentence that floored me…
‘I do not do this for money.. I do this for you with love Ma’ (awwww!)

‘So are you trying to convince me ‘cos you haven’t given me a mother’s day card yet?’, I asked. He said, ‘may be yes.. This is for mother’s day ma .. And I will give u a card by tomo’

And he really makes a sincere effort to give his best massage and it spans from 15 mins to 45 mins. And, he is good at it!! Love you Yuvan! And yes, the best Mother’s Day gift !!



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