A milestone match !

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Yuvanz passion is cricket and sometimes he does go over board .. For some reasons, we had to change his coach but he still plays for the same team in the league under his previous coach.. There has been a month break for the matches and that’s exactly the same time he started under the new coach.

Hence, today’s match was an anxious one as I awaited to see what improvement Yuvan might have done overall. Surprisingly, his new coach was also one of the umpires for the game.

Yuvan showed an overall improvement interms of discipline, managing himself independently in a match situation, and offcourse improvement in all departments of the game .. Over all, content I am and he is happy too and the highlight is he got a wicket in the first ball he bowled and one of the visitors asked how old Yuvan is, looking at the unique variety he bowls in a single over! I am happy for him ! He finished with two wickets (almost three) great fielding and improved batting !

The chief umpire also praised this match as the best he has umpired in the whole league 🙂 what a good thing to listen to and he also mentioned that the Dragon Boys (Yuvanz team) played really amazing with just 8 players in the team!

I am glad they all played together as a team with everyone doing their part !

The umpires were also encouraging all the kids from both the teams and his coach has also has given his tips to Yuvan after he saw him play:-)

I hope this dream of Yuvan comes true in the future!


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