The tale of the shoelaces !

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Have your felt that you little one is growing up when they insist they should have shoes with laces? Have you ever felt that their disliking of Velcro is a huge sign of growing up?

If you haven’t I bet you will feel that ‘Mom’ emotion when they do that.. Especially I think Boys!

Ours started 6 months ago.. When Yuvan needed a replacement for his casual shoes, he wanted to buy a slightly funky one; with laces; in the bright blue – orange colour.. That tells it all – not only with laces, but slightly funky but decent enough and brighter colours!!!! Wow man that was a feeling I will never forget 🙂 Even a few weeks ago, my heart pounded again when he tried on a fluorescent orange pair .. Oh my God — I can’t express that feeling!

Coming back to the story, he finally bought the pair he wanted last October with his Dad thinking that it was pretty cool and it’s a boy thing!
But, mind you his school shoes were still Velcro but a style he wanted..

Fast forward 6 months.. His school shoes breathed its last after 4 months of heavy usage.. I told Yuvan, ‘Let’s go and buy a pair tomorrow!’ Yuvan replied, ‘Mah, would you let me buy the shoes with laces? I don’t like Velcro anymore..’ *Ding* I said, with my mom thoughts in full force, ‘Yuvan, but is it safe for you? Your class is in 3rd floor and you must ensure that your laces are tied properly all the time, your floor ball practice etc? Can we buy next year?’ He said, ‘please ma…. I will be careful and I think I will be ok..’

We BOUGHT what he liked WITH LACES! I was still not 100 percent ok within myself but overcome that to get him the pair ..

It’s been a week now and he is so far managing it well with the boy methods of tucking in the extra bits of the lace inside his shoes and what not ..

I am finally feeling better about this and yes, this boy is growing up!!


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