I asked for a change of place…

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That’s how our Friday evening ‘Yuv n me’ time started as we were crossing the road …

Me: why?? U never have told me of any disagreements with your bench mate.. ( the school practices just two students sitting closer – so two desks together in a column)

Yuvan: it’s happening for a few weeks .. W has been rude to me so much that she also shouts at me..

Me: example ??

Yuvan: I forgot to bring my green pen .. I asked whether I can borrow hers.. She shouted at me that I can’t use hers at all ..

Me: wasn’t it that your mistake of not packing your stuff properly the previous night ..

Yuvan: yes, it’s my mistake .. But I don’t understand why she has to be rude to share her green pen ..

Me: may be she doesn’t like to share things .. It’s your duty to bring everything …

Yuvan: ok ma..

Me: what else ?

Yuvan: she is the only one who knew am selected for the golden nuggets ( an assembly skit) programme .. Our teacher came to me n told I cannot tell others so it would be a surprise on Monday.. But she told my best buddy about it and he asked me the same..

Me:so, did u confront her ?

Yuvan: yes, but again she shouted at me!

Me: Yuvan the best way to handle this is you should have told your best buddy A that he should wait till Monday to know it and not confront W at all..

Yuvan: okie got it!! Also I need to pack my stuff properly !

Me: is it just these two incidents?

Yuvan: these are just examples ma.. So I really need a change of place ..

Me : okie.. If u think u can’t work out the differences and affecting your performance and concentration.. Go ahead !! what did your teacher say when u asked for a change of place ?

Yuvan: she said I will have it from Monday as she has seen that we cannot get along in the class ..

Me: hmmm okie:-) but learn from your mistakes !!

It has been a draining week for me and this completely surprised me… I think I have given my piece of advise and will check with the teacher too:-)


Update:- The change has been made .. he is now paired with his friend of 2 years X from P1 days… His first comment ‘ She is verrryyyyyyyyy quiet, but she is more friendly!’

Me: Good For you – so you can talk less (Smirk)


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