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is just not a word associated with patients.. I personally believe therapy is always associated with healing and happiness to the soul too.. It may differ from person to person as well as from situation to situation..

For me, it differs from situation to situation and I do not do it thinking ‘oh I need to do this to get back to sanity’, it just happens đŸ™‚

And today I needed one — I know that subconsciously !! cooking with literally no one in the kitchen and pin drop silence at home was something I did …

And then the long walk in the drizzling rain to pick Y back from his MT exam…



Update:- The day continued — with ample opportunities for more therapy — an appointment with my regular parlour lady with a good talk as I got my stuff done, a Mc Cafe cappuccino to devour on my own and a Daiso retail therapy !! The highlight – it’s only 10 pm and I have hit my sack unlike my norm of ‘11.30 pm and then rolling till 1.30 to sleep; waking up with a feeling of having been awake the whole night !!’

Wohooo.. I definitely had a ‘healing’ day!!


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