Parts of a plant — Science Project

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Between me struggling to find the right time to start the ‘animal kingdom’ home study project, Yuvan told me on one of the tired days for both him and me that he had to do a ‘quick’ science project after claiming half an hour earlier that he doesn’t have any home work!

The catch was to do the project using different materials — mind you it was 8.30 pm .. After some serious scratches on my head, we decided to use the following that I can rumble through at home..

Stem — a straw
Branch outs of the stem — match stick
Leaves — Watson’s plastic cover
Roots — brown felt ( for once I felt our art and supplies box came in handy!)
Flower – bottle cap and pink felt


He loved doing the discussion about how to go to about with the project as well as the nitty gritty cutting and pasting, as he already had a good idea about their functions and had completed that in the noon! Definitely we both felt accomplished after wrapping up this ‘quick’ project at the very end of a tiring day >


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